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Taito Corporation[edit]

Taito Logo.png

Taito is a Japanese company specializing in video games, arcade hardware and game centers. The most influential company since the dawn of arcade gaming, Taito is responsible for Space Invaders arcade hit, setting the template for shooting games to follow.

Shooting games developed by Taito[edit]

Game Year
Space Invaders 1978
Darius 1986
Halley's Comet 1986
KiKi KaiKai (Knight Boy) 1986
Scramble Formation (Tokio) 1986
Fighting Hawk 1988
Syvalion 1988
Chuka Taisen (Cloud Master) 1988
Darius II 1989
Master of Weapon 1989
Megablast 1989
Gun Frontier 1991
Metal Black 1991
Grid Seeker 1992
Darius Gaiden 1994
RayForce (Layer Section, Galactic Attack, Gunlock) 1994
Akkanvader (Space Invaders '95) 1995
Gekirindan 1995
RayStorm 1996
G-Darius 1997
RayCrisis 1998
Darius R 2002
Dariusburst 2009
Dariusburst Another Chronicle 2010
Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX 2011
Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours 2017