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Console: Xbox Release date: August 15, 2006 Developer [Playlogic] Publisher [Evolved Games] Rated T

Gameplay Overview[edit]

A multi directional shooter using both thumb sticks to move and fire simultaneously. The environments are 3D, but the space the ship can move is in a 2D plane. Switch between the different types of weapons for certain types of enemies. During the level, the player can pick between branching pathways. The directional buttons A,B,X,Y can use a special that has many effects on either the player or on enemies. Mutators are contained in some ships and boss fights and can level up your ship.


Novice, Apprentice, Regular, Adept, Ace


Left thumbstick- move Right thumbstick- fire Left trigger(hold)-secondary fire use right stick to aim. Right trigger- switch between organic and mechanical fire.

  • A: Offensive Special
  • B : Shield Special
  • X : Support Special
  • Y: Defensive Special

Unlockable Secrets[edit]

Ace difficulty- 50 hours of gameplay

Characters / Ships / Styles[edit]

There are multiple ship colors unlocked based on how many hours are played. Blue and green are default colors. Red, pink(5 hours), yellow(8 hours) purple (14 hours), and white (unlocked after 40 hours of gameplay). Purely cosmetic.


Primary fire- There's two types: Organic and mechanical. Organic is a spread fire for small enemies. Mechanical is a focus beam for large enemies and bosses.

Secondary fire- Rockets can be loaded and aimed at a target (depending on the level, 8 max). Organic secondary fire homes in on enemies if they're in the foreground (glowing). Mechanical secondary fire is more powerful against bosses and the explosion can destroy enemies near it.

Specials- Once used, it needs time to recharge before activating again.

Organic Specials

Defensive (Y)

Freeze 1- Level 2 -Freezes enemies

Epidemic 1- Level 4- Residual damage toward enemies

Freeze 2- Level 6- Upgrade of Freeze 1

Sickness 1- Level 7- Stuns enemies and inflicts residual damage.

Sickness 2- Level 17- Upgrade of Sickness 1

Freeze 3- Level 27 -Upgrade of Freeze 2


Fata Morgana 1- Level 3- Projects a decoy on the opposite side of the fighter, drawing attacks from certain enemies and bosses.

Pheromones 1- Level 6- Certain enemies will attack each other.

Fata Morgana 2- Level 13 Upgrade of Fata Morgana 1

Pheromones 2- Level 17- Upgrade of Pheromones 1. Enemy bullets will weaken, allowing the player pass through them.

Fata Morgana 3- Level 21- Upgrade of Fata Morgana 2

Pheromones 3- Level 26- Upgrade of Pheromones 2.

Shielding (B)

Deflection 1- Level 4- Deflects enemy bullets which can hurt them. Protects the ship from boss attacks and indirect damage.

Hive 1- Level 10- Attacks enemies in the foreground. Attacks one at a time.

Deflection 2-Level 14- Upgrade of Deflection 1.

Hive 2- Level 19- Upgrade of Hive 1

Deflection 2- Level 24

Hive 3- Level 26- Upgrade of Hive 2


Lighting Storm 1- Level 5- The lightning branches and grabs all enemies in the foreground and background and causes damage. The enemies can't fire weapons in this state.

Sonic 1-Level 9- Destroys all enemies onscreen. Can also destroy enemy fire.

Fire Storm 1- Level 12- Slows down time before destroying everything onscreen.

Lightning Storm 2- Level 16- Upgrade of Lightning Storm 1

Sonic 2- Level 22- Upgrade of Sonic 1

Fire Storm 2- Level 25- Upgrade of Fire Storm 1

Fire Storm 3- Level 27- Upgrade of Fire Storm 2

Mechanic Specials


EMP 1- Level 3- Slows down enemies and disables their cannons

Hacker 1- Level 6- Slows down enemies and causes residual damage.

EMP 2- Level 14- Upgrade of EMP 1

Hacker 2- Level 16- Upgrade of Hacker 1

EMP 3- Level 27- Upgrade of EMP 2

Support (X)

Minimize- Level 2- Shrinks the fighter's size by 50 percent.

Cloak 1- Level 6- Invisibility. Will become visible if primary fire is used or rockets are fired.

Static Field 1- Level 11- Causes indirect damage to enemies.

Cloak 2- Level 21- Upgrade of Cloak 1

Static Field 2- Level 24- Upgrade of Static Field 1

Cloak 3- Level 27- Upgrade of Cloak 2. Even if attacks are used, you will no longer appear visible to the enemy.

Shielding (B)

Iron Skin 1- Level 4- Deflects enemy bullets which can hurt them. Protects the ship from boss attacks and indirect damage.

Drones 1- Level 10- Five drones circle around the fighter and absorb one bullet or collision each.

Iron Skin 2- Level 12- Upgrade of Iron Skin 1

Drones 2- Level 19- Upgrade of Drones 1

Drones 3- Level 26- Upgrade of Drones 2

Offensive (A)

Laser Storm 1- Level 5- Fires in all directions around the fighter and can also destroy bullets.

Shaker 1- Level 9- Creates an earthquake and destroys all enemies.

Nuke 1- Level 12- Slows down time before destroying everything onscreen.

Laser Storm 2- Level 16- Upgrade of Laser Storm.

Shaker 2- Level 22- Upgrade of Shaker 1

Nuke 2- Level 25- Upgrade of Nuke 1

Nuke 3- Level 27- Upgrade of Nuke 2


Mutators(orange)-Levels up your ship by one depending on which fire you're using (organic or mechanical) and half a level for the one inactive.

Lives(yellow)- Can hold up to four lives. If lives are full, gain more points.

Power-ups(pink)- Has temporary effects.

Power-up list:

Energy Shield- Absorbs one enemy attack before disappearing. Protected from boss attacks.

Stealth- Invisibility to enemies.

Double trouble- Adds a primary weapon to the rear of your ship

Quick Load- For secondary fire, rockets load faster.

Invulnerability- Invincible from all damage.

Brute- Increase power of primary fire

Mutation Boost- 10 level boost. Can use specials from that level.

Slomo- Slows down time.

Surge- Gives the fighter a full power boost, allowing another special to be used.


Starts out with three lives and two continues. If you lose all lives a timer will start. If you continue, the score resets to zero. If not, your score will be entered. Every 1 millions points is a continue. Three continues can be held at a time. And if a second player joins in, a continue will be used up.

The scoring increases the higher the difficulty. The scores here are from Regular difficulty. The enemies don't have official names so I hope these made up ones make sense


Plane: 1,000

Small homing missile enemies: 1,100

Tank(this one holds all xyanide powerups): 2,500

Big Tank with homing missiles: 2,600

Big Aeroplane: 3,300

Zappy enemies that drain your lifebar: 1,400

Flat plane tank: 2,600

Kamikaze: 1,960

Shell: 4,500

Double screwdriver(two enemies home in on you and try to blow you up. Destroy one, the other will denonate): 0

Rotating shooter: 6,300

Missile star shooter: 3,500

Speedy flank shooter: 6,900

Introduced in level 5 and onward:

Tiny flat organism- 1,400

Medium organism- 1,900

Manatee- 3,200

Beak Manatee- 3,200

Bagworm-(this one holds all xyanide powerups)- 5,300

Reverse Control Manatee- 2,300

Big Producing Enemy- 5,300

Miscroscopic organisms (comes from bagworm and big producing enemy)- 14,500

If you pick up a life when the max is being held (4)- 14,000 points

Bosses when defeated- 80,000 points

Bonuses at the end of a level: Enemies killed, Enemies avoided, waves killed, survival time, near misses, endboss time.


General tips:

Use organic fire for small enemies and mechanical fire (and especially the rockets) for large enemies and bosses.

Bosses can be shot off screen. A huge timesaver.

Y-Defensive- Disrupt/Disable enemies

X-Support- Will try to escape enemies

B-Shielding- Protects the fighter from dangers

A-Offensive- Hurt/kill enemies

Use deflector/iron skin to guard yourself from boss attacks and health-draining enemies (they start showing up at level 2). Can also used if you can't escape a torrent of bullets.

Use a defensive special to slow down and nail fast-moving enemies.

Static wave (X for mechanical) or sickness (Y for organic) can hurt enemies while you go after the bosses weaknesses.

Fata Morgana (X for organic) or Pheromones (also X) are good for enemies that specifically hone in on the fighter.

Pay attention to what level you are and choose the best way to distribute between stats organic and mechanical. Not only is firepower increased, but also speed and amount of rockets you can hold.

There's 26 Mutators. If you take the wrong paths, you will miss some of them. And there's some in the midbosses in Level's 1-5. There will be more on this. Keep track of what path you're on.

Some enemies like in Levels 5 and 6 can be produce more enemies to shoot down. A small way to milk points. There's also hazards in level 3 that can be destroyed for points.



Level 1: Use one mechanical bullet each to knock out the barriers. If you lose sight of the Xyanide piece, you can shoot off screen since you're going around it. Use rockets to destroy the inside.

Level 2: Use the max amount of bullets you have to damage the first machine. Alternate between primary fire and missiles and it should be destroyed. The boss will use lightning. Use deflector/iron skin and you won't have to worry about hazards. After destroying the second machine. Destroy the rest of the barriers. It takes three bullets each.

Level 4: There's three machines to destroy before needing to destroy the fan at the top. If you lose sight of the machines. Point your fire toward the bottom left off screen.

Level 5: It takes four bullets to destroy the inner wall and six for the outer walls for extra points. You'll keep going around the worm. If you destroy one of its weak points it will destroy all the enemies around you. Finally you'll need to destroy the worm's eye. It'll summon enemies either use Static wave for an offensive special to take them out. While it spits enemies out, start loading the rockets. Right after the enemies are summoned it's eye opens, fire the rockets. By the time it reaches the worm, it's eye will open. That's the timing for the eye.

Pathway: For each of the levels follow this guide to get the mutators, lives, and the most points.

  • =Mutator

L=Life P=Power up

Level 1:

1.First branching path: Immediately take the right. *

2. Right L

3.Right * L

Midboss *

4.Left * P(3)

Boss *

Level 2:

  • (You get a mutator before a branching path)

1. Left

2. Right L

3. Right L

Midboss ** L P(3)

4. Right L

5. Right

6. Right * P

Boss *

Level 3:

1. Left *

2. Left P

3. Left L P(3)

4. Left L

5. Right P(2)

Midboss **

6. Right *

Boss *

Level 4:

1. Left L

2. Right L P

3. Right L

4. Left L

5. Left

Midboss: *

6. Up L

Boss *

Level 5:


1. Left * P

2. Right* L(2)

3. Left* L

4. Left*

5. Left L

6. Right* L


Level 6:

1. Right L

2. Right

3. Left * L

4. Right

5. Right *

6. Left

7. Right L

8. Right L(2)

9. Right



An intergalactic witch named Aguira has been captured and sentenced to death for her dreadful crimes, but a spaceship transporting Aguira to her execution was struck by an asteroid. To her surprise, the asteroid was rich in Xyanide, a mythical substance known for its abilities to make an exposed person's thoughts become reality. Taking advantage of the situation, the witch uses her new powers to create her own alternate universe as a tool to aid her escape and spread her destructive influence. It is up to the escort pilot Drake to try and stop the evil Aguira from accomplishing her goals and to carry out the sentence. <references >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xyanide/

Cutscene 1-Plays before Level 1- The temples in Mardar have Aguira engraved and she's shown using fire extending from her fingers and burning everyone up. The description above is also in this cutscene.

Cutscene 2-Plays after Level 1 - The witch looks like an octopus. She sends Xyanide to different locations. Near the end, it shows the boss at level four.

Cutscene 3-Plays after Level 3- The judge tells Drake to not let darkness reign supreme. "Let the great maelstrom illuminate thine righteous path."

Cutscene 4-Plays before the Level 4 Boss (Even in Level Mode)- Aguira tells Drake it's too late. The lower of her body is missing, probably due to the effects of Xyanide.

Cutscene 5-Plays after Level 4- Drake starts to dash toward the witch, but the path is quickly blocked off(the final boss is briefly shown). The witch starts destroying parts of Mardar. There is another route Drake has to take. One of the enemies, a manatee-looking thing is shown which is one of the enemies in the next level.

Cutscene 6-Plays after Level 6-Aguira burns in the maelstrom In a flashback, all of her limbs are intact? She stands before the judge and she's salty about it.


Your ship has an organic and mechanical form, and their appearances change based on how many mutators picked up.

The highest level is 27 and the offensive special is super dope.

Level 4 is the only one where exactly one pathway is up or down instead of left or right.

Level 5 has a glitch where your score can reset to zero, and you can't gain anymore points, so be careful!

References & Contributors[edit]


Xyanide manual- digital copy provided by Superfly