Progear no Arashi/Video Index

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Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
Clover-TAC 197,256,860 Arcade 2-All Youtube Superplay VHS
CavePCB 11,442,560 Arcade 1-All Youtube


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
hoge_master 321,895,180 Arcade 2-All Youtube
hoge_master 317,095,840 Arcade 2-All Youtube
hoge_master 301,759,560 Arcade 2-All Youtube
Futobishi 270,478,530 Arcade 2-All Youtube Doujin Superplay DVD
GunnerSTG 183,099,600 Arcade 2-All Youtube
GunnerSTG 165,397,600 Arcade 2-All Youtube
GunnerSTG 149,060,870 Arcade 2-5 Youtube
GunnerSTG 114,064,430 Arcade 2-All Youtube LIVE! 1cc Marathon 2017
GunnerSTG 96,770,540 Arcade 2-All Youtube
Peyosan 75,456,070 Arcade 2-4 Youtube
RedSevenNine 1,002,279 Arcade 1-5 Youtube


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
AAB 191,844,490 Arcade 2-All Youtube
BUS 10,689,530 Arcade 1-All Youtube
Paul Eales 9,840,150 Arcade 1-All Youtube
TheUrien84 9,103,440 Arcade 1-All Youtube
しにかけ触手大元帥 14,012,700 Arcade 1-All Youtube Starts at 1:24


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
ミルみで 294,470,740 Arcade 2-All Youtube No miss
R. 274,752,230 Arcade 2-All Youtube 1 2 3 4 5
GunnerSTG 87,861,980 Arcade 2-5 Twitch
忠太郎 52,655,130 Arcade 2-All Youtube
CloudyMusic 19,211,310 Arcade 2-2 Twitch
Chantake 16,166,070 Arcade 1-5 Youtube Run starts at 26:15
CloudyMusic 15,080,660 Arcade 1-All Youtube
Shepardus 15,052,840 Arcade 1-All Youtube
SirIlpalazzo 12,989,720 Arcade 1-All Youtube
Masked Ninja 10,834,140 Arcade 1-All Youtube
Jam 9,563,850 Arcade 1-All Youtube Commentary in subtitles


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
CavePCB 11,863,480 Arcade 1-All Youtube
Yordis Wan 10,097,010 Arcade 1-All Youtube


Player Score Platform Ships Stage Video Comment
まほちゃん & 忠太郎 6,647,770 Arcade Bolt/Rivet & Ring/Nail 1-All Youtube

Guides & Commentaries[edit]

Player Score Platform Ship Stage Video Comment
Arcade Youtube 1 2 Scoring guide by mldxp (in French)
GunnerSTG 94,259,440 Arcade Ring/Nail 2-4 Youtube STG Weekly #6
BareKnuckleRoo Youtube Tutorial/Beginner's guide to gem cancelling and more