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General Strategy

Survival Tips

  • Speedkilling enemies with the Dragon Shot is crucial to success in Dragon Blaze. This is particularly important in stage 5 and beyond, since large enemies will flood the screen with bullets unless they are dispatched quickly. Good planning is therefore vital to making it through the game unscathed.
  • During Boss fights, waves of popcorn enemies will spawn at fixed intervals. It's important to map out phase changes so that enemy spawns don't coincide with attacks that require precise movements or dodging.
  • Remember that after a dragon shot, you can leave your dragon where it is, rather than recalling it immediately. Using your dragon as a stationary turret is useful in a number of situations, such as the lanterns in stage 5, and the popcorn rushes in stage 7.
  • In the 2nd loop, bosses will fire sickle-shaped bullets which specifically target the dragon. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by these attacks, preemptively position the dragon so that these bullets are directed away from the player character.

Scoring Tips

  • The bosses of the desert and jungle stages can be milked for additional score. The desert boss will release a constant barrage of cannonballs during its first phase which can be destroyed with the Dragon Shot for gold coins. This becomes more lucrative if the stage is encountered 3rd or 4th, since cannonballs will spawn more quickly. The jungle boss releases two waves of flowers during its first form, which give a significant bounty of gold coins when killed with the Dragon Shot.

Technical bonus

This playlist is a collection of short videos of how to kill every boss in Dragon Blaze with a Dragon Blaze#Technical_Bonus:


Coin head Locations

Maimana (Air Stage)

Dragonblaze coinhead1.png
Early on in the stage, after the flying bats, a set of 4 archers will spawn. The upper left archer hides the coin head.

Alger (Sea Stage)

Dragonblaze coinhead2.png
After the waves of cuttlefish, a series of green enemies will swim from the top of the screen. The far right enemy is the target.

Haradh (Desert Stage)

Dragonblaze coinhead3.png
After the two large vehicles, several rows of skulls will arc across the screen. Among them will be a single enemy, flying directly downwards. This is your target.

Ghaba (Jungle Stage)

Dragonblaze coinhead4.png
Early in the stage, there will be a stray flower enemy, hiding behind a row of 3 other enemies. Kill it with your Dragon Shot to reveal the coin head.

Stage 5

Dragonblaze coinhead5.png
After the 4 armored turtles, several skull enemies will fill the screen. In particular, a column of 5 skulls will spawn in the top right, and fly in an arc towards the left of the screen. The second of the five enemies hides the coin head.

Stage 6

Dragonblaze coinhead6.png
After the skull & bones mid-boss, several rows of skeletons will rush directly downwards. This particular enemy on the left is the one you're after.

Stage 7

Dragonblaze coinhead7.png
The 3-headed mid-boss contains two coin heads. Simply defeat the boss with a Dragon Shot to reveal both.