Blue Revolver/Damage Comparison

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Special Weapons[edit]

Damage values obtained via in-game testing.


  • Many weapons are a little inconsistent/random in their application and often apply damage over an area instead of to a single target. Any damage values where this is a factor have been marked with a tilde "~".
  • Bosses and midbosses have resistance against special weapons, and often resist certain weapons more than others - for example, the damage particles of the cluster missile are heavily resisted by many bosses, whereas the explosion sprite is only weakly resisted. The Hyper Laser is specifically a boss nuker, and therefore resistances to it are low.
  • The Stasis Field is more or less impossible to get DPS values for.
Character Weapon DPS Damage per 100 Ammo
Mae Plasma Lancer 240 ~1400
Mae Hyper Laser 480 2748
Mae Vortex Barrier (Orbiting) 80 1200
Mae Vortex Barrier (Release) ~283.5 ~600
Mae Cluster Missile ~145 ~4613
Val Arc Caster 130 (x3) 910 (x3)
Val Hyper Laser ~280 ~2550
Val Stasis Field (Field, no Release) 12 210
Val Cluster Missile ~115 ~3730