Wing Force

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Developer: A.I
Publisher: Atlus
Release date: 1993 (Prototype)

Wing Force is a cancelled shooting game developed by A.I, for publishing by Atlus, which was shown in prototype form in 1993. It was later sold on Yahoo Auctions, purchased by an emulation-friendly collector, and dumped, allowing it to be played in MAME. This version appears to still be unfinished. It contains 5 stages, with 2 loops.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

Similar to Raiden, the player can fire the main shot and a bomb, which has an adjustable distance. When picking up weapon variant items, the player is granted an armor that can take one hit. If the player is hit armorless, a life will be lost.


  • A: Shot
  • B: Bomb


Scoring consists of destroying enemies and collecting medals. After clearing a stage, the collected medals will create a bonus and add it to the player`s score.

Weapon armors

  • G (Widespread):
Can fire a spread of wide shots.
  • L (Laser):
Fires a stream of forward laser beams.
  • M (Missiles):
Fires a series of missiles.
  • W (Wave):
Fires wave shaped shots.


Power-up item: Increases shot power.
Bomb item: Grants an extra bomb.
Medal: Grants points.
1UP: Grants an extra life. Obtained by destroying the craw with a nuke in stage 2 before it drops it. Once the craw is destroyed with the nuke, a demon will appear. Killing the demon will release the 1UP item. (Works on 1st loop and 2nd loop).
Secret bonus: Grants 300 pts. for each hit. It is hidden in many locations of the 5 stages.