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Mexican shmup player. This is my SHMUPS WIKI account of JulianSeph 842 Gamez, which is my YouTube account. My player digits in shmups is "ABC".

I´m a huge fan of Graze Counter, Deathsmiles and Bullet Hell Monday.

I usually use Google Translate to make unofficial JP title translations of some game titles.

Also... Pearl and I dislike each other a lot. Why? Becuase I once requested him to do a 2-ALL of xCUTE(me), in which he denied because he didn`t like that game, and thus, Pearl and I started disliking each other. (Of course not with death threats.)

To view my shmup records, please refer to the User:JSAV2006STG(ABC)/JulianSeph 842 Gamez shmup records page.

Pages I have currently added on this site:

  • Graze Counter
  • Assault Shell
  • Blaster Gear
  • Zenodyne R
  • GG Aleste
  • Team Overloaded (Developer)
  • Excess Fraction
  • Graze Counter GM
  • Storm Caliber Revival Edition'99
  • Heavy Weapon
  • Space Moth Lunar Edition
  • Nightmare Trip
  • Cosmo Dreamer
  • Super-X
  • Tenta Shooter / The 触シュー
  • The Hurricane of the Varstray
  • Raioh
  • Space Moth DX
  • Twin Tiger Shark
  • Like Dreamer
  • Star Hunter DX
  • Storm Blade
  • Hitogata Happa
  • Blue Devil in the Belvedere
  • Sky Force 2004
  • Fast Striker
  • Zenohell
  • Sumikkou
  • Deathsmiles II
  • Crisis Rose
  • ParoParo
  • Gochamaze no Arashi
  • Halloween Itazura
  • Redneg All Stars
  • Hell Blasters
  • Sumikkou
  • Assault Shell 2
  • Dream Logical World
  • Tukiyono
  • Klorets
  • Magic Vigilante 魔導自警隊
  • Team Grybanser Fox (Developer)
  • Jet Buster
  • Zing Zing Zip
  • Ultimate Fatal Octopus
  • Devil Blade Reboot

My current shmup 2-ALL clears:

-Twin Tiger Shark (PC):

  • Easy 2-ALL

-Storm Caliber Revival Edition'99:

  • CCX-09 2-ALL

-Drainus (PC):

  • Story mode Easy 2-ALL


  • 2-ALL

-Assault Shell:

  • Original Full A-2 2-ALL