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  • danbo is a friendly robot powered by money. pronouns: he/him
  • danbo lives in the glasgow area of "Scotland" and is 31 years old. (moe trait: frequently says anything until the age of 25 is a bullshit extended tutorial, and is therefore 6 years old)
  • he is the reluctant designer and more reluctant programmer on BLUE REVOLVER.
  • he likes making bullet patterns but hates making stage layouts.
  • he has a personal shooting game project (working title D-FENCER) in mind but is also excited by the concept of taking STG concepts to other genres without simply banking on "wow bullet hell!!! wow!!!"
  • ketsui is his favourite shooting game, followed by battle garegga and muchi muchi pork.
  • the shooting game he feels most sentimental about is touhou 08 ~ imperishable night.
  • his hipster shooting game pick is sanvein.
  • favourite bullets: gravity bullets (unaimed)
  • least favourite bullets: curvy lasers, toothpaste lasers
  • is sad when STGs don't have bombs in them
  • he also likes doom and quake, but doesn't play much of them these days.
  • he would like to write a book about bullet patterns one day.
  • his favourite vtuber is Suzuhara Lulu