Twin Tiger Shark

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Developer: Mikael Tillander
Release date: February 23 2014

Twin Tiger Shark is a shmup by Mikael Tillander and Wide Pixel Games originally released for the XBOX 360 February 23 2014 via the (now defunct) XBOX Live Indie Games service, and later being released as on PC. The PC port requires Java to execute the game.

The game is a tribute and love letter to Toaplan games like Hishouzame and Same! Same! Same!, having almost similar Toaplan gameplay mechanics.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The player can fire the main shot and bomb, as well pickup weapon variants. Like most Toaplan shmups, if the player dies, it will start over to the last checkpoint reached, with bomber count reset and shot power level reset to the lowest.


  • Button 1: Shot
  • Button 2: Bomb


Scoring consists of destroying enemies, collecting stars picking up weapon variants for bonuses and getting bonus rewards from the remaining resources after a stage is cleared.

Picking up bombs, weapon variants and H items give 150 pts.

After clearing a stage, the stage clear bonus values go like this:

  • Small stars: Each amount gives 100 pts.
  • Big stars: Each amount gives 500 pts.
  • Lives left: Each remaining life gives 5000 pts.
  • Bombs left: Each bomb left gives 5000 pts.

After that, the total bonus will be formed and add up to the player´s score.


  • Easy (Referred as Normal)
  • Hard
  • Insane


The game has infinite loops. However, after getting a 2-ALL clear, the player can decide if to continiue looping or see the ending.

1st loop has 5 stages, while the 2nd loop and the later loops have 6 stages.


  • Red Vulcan:

A weapon that rapidly fires a sequence of red wide and forward shots.

  • Blue Lighting:

A weapon that fires wide blue shots.

  • Green Gatling:

A weapon that fires forward green shots.


Bomb: Adds an extra bomb. Be aware that there will be no more bomb items after 1st loop.
H item: When collected, a group of black biplane will asist into battle. Be aware that less assist black biplanes appear on later loops.
Small star: Gives 2000 pts. when collected.
Big star: Gives 5000 pts. when collected.


  • The BGM of Stage 1 and Stage 5 are a reference to Same! Same! Same!`s Stage 1 and Stage 6 BGM "Fire Shark".