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Triangle Service is a Japanese doujin game developer, focused primarily on the shooting game genre. The company was founded by Toshiaki Fujino (an ex-Konami programmer) in 2002, releasing arcade games on Taito G-Net and Sega NAOMI, RingWide, and RingEdge arcade platforms until 2015, where they have primarily switched to developing PC games. They are most well-known for the X-ZEAL series of shmups, and the game Shmups Skill Test, although they have also been involved with releasing an update to the Sega arcade game Pengo! in 2010, for the Sega RingWide arcade platform.

General Play Style


Shooting games developed by Triangle Service

Game Year Publisher(s)
G-Stream G2020 (ΔZEAL) 2002 Oriental Soft Japan
XII Stag (XIIZEAL) 2002 Triangle Service
Trizeal (Trizeal Remix) 2004 Triangle Service
EXZEAL 2007 Sega
Shmups Skill Test 2007 Sega
MINUS ZERO 2009 Degica