Thunder Cross II

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Thunder Cross II
Thunder Cross 2 title screen.png

Title screen

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Producer: T. Nakagawa
Music: Mikio Saitou
Program: K. Tokunaga
K. Kano
Art: Satoru K.
S. Yamamoto
T. Kiuchi
Y. Kimura
Yasushi Takano
K. Nakanishi
T. Nakazawa
M. Tohyama
Release date: Arcade: 1991
PS4/Switch: April 28, 2021
Previous game: Parodius Da!
Next game: Detana!! TwinBee

Thunder Cross II (JP: "サンダークロスII") is a horizontal scrolling shoot em' up developed and published by Konami in the year 1991. It is the sequel to Thunder Cross.

The game was never released outside of Japan arcades, only recently getting a port on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview


Thunder Cross II is a 2 button game with 7 stages. Finishing every stage will start the 2nd loop.

  • A button: Fires the player's main weapon.
  • B button: Adjusts the gap between the player's options/Fires the super-weapon.


Enemies drop containers that cycle between each upgrade. Super-weapons have limited ammunition and function separately from the main weapon.

Thunder Cross 2 speedup.png Speed Up
Increases the player's speed. Can be equipped up to 5 times.
Thunder Cross 2 normal.png Normal
Standard shot. Deals the highest amount of damage.
Thunder Cross 2 vulcan.png Vulcan
Vulcan bullets. Has high firing rate, but low power.
Thunder Cross 2 boomerang.png Boomerang
Bullets that bounce off of surfaces. Has good damage/coverage.
Thunder Cross 2 tail laser.png Tail Laser
Secondary shot. Has great coverage and high damage.
Thunder Cross 2 option.png Option
Small drone that mimics the player's main weapon. Can be equipped up to 4 times.
Thunder Cross 2 flame.png Flame
Fires a set of flame phoenixes.
Thunder Cross 2 laser.png Laser
Fires wide, long-distance beams.
Thunder Cross 2 crush.png Crush
Fires area-of-effect bullets that explode at a short distance.
Thunder Cross 2 question mark.png Question Mark
Score item worth 6k, appears when a super-weapon is equipped.

Extra Lives

On default settings, extra lives are obtained every 300,000 points (first extra live is at 50,000).


Thunder Cross II loops infinitely. Upon a completion of a loop, the player is stripped of all their power-ups.



Version Differences