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Technosoft Logo.png

Technosoft Co.,Ltd

Technosoft was founded in 1980 as Sasebo Microcomputer Center, before changing its name in 1982. They are also known as Tecnosoft.

As well as shmups, they are also known for developing the Herzog games, early RTS games with shooting elements.

Shooting games developed by Technosoft

Title Release Date Original System Publisher
Thunder Force 1983 X1 Technosoft
Feedback 1988 MSX Technosoft
Thunder Force II 1988 X68000 Technosoft
Thunder Force III 1990 Mega Drive Technosoft
Thunder Force IV 1992 Mega Drive Technosoft
Elemental Master 1993 Mega Drive Technosoft
Hyper Duel 1993 Arcade Technosoft
Blast Wind 1997 Saturn Technosoft
Thunder Force V 1997 Saturn Technosoft