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Tatsujin title.png
Tatsujin start screen.png

Title screen

Developer: Toaplan
Music: Masahiro Yuge
Program: Masahiro Yuge
Art: Naoki Ogiwara, Yumiko Shimizu
Release date: October 1988
Previous game: Kyuukyoku Tiger
Next game: Hellfire

Tatsujin 達人

Tatsujin (known in English territories as Truxton) is a vertical shooting game developed by Toaplan in 1988. It is the first of a two-game series, with Tatsujin Ou following it. Tatsujin is well-known for its high difficulty, checkpoint memorization, and excellent soundtrack. The game was also ported to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive in 1989, the PC-Engine in 1992, a port for iOS and Android was released (in Japan only) in 2019, and a PC port via Steam

Gameplay Overview


  • A: Fires the player's equipped Weapon.
  • B: Releases a Bomb, dealing damage to enemies and canceling bullets within its explosion radius.


  • Red: The standard three-way shot type for the player's ship. It does not have any sort of auto-fire. When upgraded, it becomes even wider and shoots many more shots at once, making it very powerful for screen control and point-blanking.
  • Green: A rapid-fire straight shot that deals high damage and can be held for auto-fire. Green does not have a shot limit, allowing it to deal high damage even at further ranges. Higher upgrades increase the amount of projectiles fired.
  • Blue: A blue lightning attack that sticks to enemies and continues to deal damage to them as long as the Fire button is held. Higher upgrades create more lightning shots


Tatsujin has several different collectible items to power up, change weapon type, and gain extra ships. Unlike items in many other games, the items in Tatsujin are stationary, and only move down the screen as the stage scrolls.

Item  Description 
Tatsujin power up item.PNG
Collect 5 of these icons to power up weapon level. Receive 5000 pts if already at max weapon power.
Tatsujin super power up item.PNG
Instantly powers up weapon to the next level. Appears in place of small powerups when enough are collected. Receive 5000 pts if already at max weapon power.
Tatsujin speed item.PNG
Speeds up ship's movement one level. Receive 5000 pts if at max speed level.
Tatsujin bomb.PNG
Adds one bomb to bomb stock. Receive 5000 pts if at max bomb stock of 10.
Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG
Weapon Change (Red)
Changes to red weapon type. Receive 5000 pts if already equipped with red weapon.
Tatsujin blue weapon item.PNG
Weapon Change (Blue)
Changes to blue weapon type. Receive 5000 pts if already equipped with blue weapon.
Tatsujin green weapon item.PNG
Weapon Change (Green)
Changes to green weapon type. Receive 5000 pts if already equipped with green weapon.
Tatsujin 1up.png
1UP (Extend)
Gain 1 extra ship. Must use a specific weapon to shoot a specific ground target. Stage 1: green, Stage 2: red, Stage 5: blue
Tatsujin 2up.png
Gain 2 extra ships. Must acquire many items before dying as it is very high on the item table. Likely to spawn at Stage 3 if no ships have been lost.

The item dropped by each successive item carrier cycles according to the table below. A death will reset the cycle to the beginning. This determines the type of item contained by carriers rather than the item that appears when the container is destroyed. In other words, whether or not an item is actually released has no impact on the progression of the cycle.

Item Drop Cycle
1 Tatsujin speed item.PNG
2 Tatsujin power up item.PNG
3 Tatsujin power up item.PNG
4 Tatsujin blue weapon item.PNG
5 Tatsujin green weapon item.PNG
6 Tatsujin bomb.PNG
7 Tatsujin power up item.PNG
8 Tatsujin speed item.PNG
9 Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG
10 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 11 Tatsujin power up item.PNG 12 Tatsujin power up item.PNG
13 Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG 14 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 15 Tatsujin power up item.PNG 16 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 17 Tatsujin power up item.PNG 18 Tatsujin green weapon item.PNG
19 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 20 Tatsujin power up item.PNG 21 Tatsujin bomb.PNG 22 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 23 Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG 24 Tatsujin power up item.PNG
25 Tatsujin blue weapon item.PNG 26 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 27 Tatsujin green weapon item.PNG 28 Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG 29 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 30 Tatsujin power up item.PNG
31 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 32 Tatsujin bomb.PNG 33 Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG 34 Tatsujin green weapon item.PNG 35 Tatsujin blue weapon item.PNG 36 Tatsujin power up item.PNG
37 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 38 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 39 Tatsujin power up item.PNG 40 Tatsujin bomb.PNG 41 Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG 42 Tatsujin speed item.PNG
43 Tatsujin power up item.PNG 44 Tatsujin bomb.PNG 45 Tatsujin blue weapon item.PNG 46 Tatsujin green weapon item.PNG 47 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 48 Tatsujin power up item.PNG
49 Tatsujin green weapon item.PNG 50 Tatsujin 2up.png 51 Tatsujin power up item.PNG 52 Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG 53 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 54 Tatsujin blue weapon item.PNG
55 Tatsujin bomb.PNG 56 Tatsujin red weapon item.PNG 57 Tatsujin speed item.PNG 58 Tatsujin blue weapon item.PNG 59 Tatsujin green weapon item.PNG 60 Tatsujin speed item.PNG

Hit Box

The ship's hit box covers nearly the entire ship, excluding the tips of the cockpit and wings. The hit box can be made thinner by moving the ship horizontally.



Rank increases as the player progresses through more areas of the game. At higher rank, enemies fire more often, and the overall bullet speed increases.

rank = base + area/2

The maximum value is 24. After the first loop the rank no longer changes when a new area is reached and remains fixed at the maximum value of 24.

The base rank value is determined by the region and the difficulty setting:

Difficulty Region
Easy 0 0
Normal 4 1
Hard 8 2
Very Hard 12 3

bullet speed = 24 + rank/2 + difficulty/2 + power*2 + loop*2
The maximum value of bullet speed is 80 and it continually increases each time the game is looped. The maximum speed will be reached by loop 22.


Like many early Toaplan games, Tatsujin loops infinitely, with each loop starting after defeating the boss of stage 5.


Destroy All, Don't Die (DADD Scoring).

Every enemy is worth a flat amount of points, with point gain increasing with every loop. Collecting excess items rewards the player with an extra 5000 points.


See Tatsujin/Strategy for stage maps, enemy and boss descriptions, walkthroughs, and advanced play strategies.


The evil Gidans attacked the transport ship Belery. The forces of planet Borogo must retrieve Belery's cargo of secret weapons. However, the Gidans are in between them and the weapons. Fearless ace pilot, Tom the Bomb, volunteers for the mission. Tom's commanding officer tells him to fly the Super Fighter. It is equipped with such power weapons that no one dared using them before. So the lone fighter sets off to far reaches of space to rescue the cargo and defeat the Gidans. [1]

The game takes place in space and passes over 8 asteroids in the following order: Blue, Yellow, Red, Orchid, Purple, Poison, Galaxy Pool, and Magman.

There are 5 Gidan bosses called Monster Powers and they appear at the end of each stage.

Stage Boss Name
Stage 1 J-Tank
Stage 2 Badron
Stage 3 Dosvam
Stage 4 Gurus
Stage 5 Dogurava

Development History

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Version Differences

PC Port

A PC port of the arcade version is available on Steam, released by Bitwave Games on February 14, 2023. Aside from autofire, This version provides an assist feature and other quality of life improvements in order to make the game significantly easier:

  • Includes all versions of the game.
  • Auto-dodging
  • Instant slowdown button
  • Health: Allows the player to take a select number of hits before dying.
  • Hitbox size modification
  • Hitbox display
  • Rewinds
  • Savestates, up to 10
  • Practice mode
  • Widescreen Mode
  • Online leaderboards, only accessible when not using assists.


  • The Tatsujin ship also appears in Tatsujin Oh as a cameo.
  • In Game Tengoku Cruisn Mix Special, the Tatsujin ship is a downloadable DLC character.


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