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Success Corporation

logo of success

Success (株式会社サクセス) is a Japanese game developer and publisher, who have developed many games in the shooting game, role-playing, and platformer genres (notably the Umihara Kawase series). They are most remembered by shootemup fans as the makers of the Cotton and Psyvariar series.

Success continues to be active as a publisher and developer.

Shooting games developed by Success
Game Year Publisher
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams 1991 Sega
Märchen Adventure Cotton 100% 1994 Datam Polystar
Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams 1997 Success
Cotton Boomerang 1998 Success
Guardian Force 1998 Success
Psyvariar: Medium Unit / Psyvariar: Revision 2000 Taito
Cotton Reboot 2021 BEEP