Storm Caliber Revival Edition'99

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Developer: SRX (S.S.P.)
Release date: September 5 1999

Storm Caliber Revival Edition'99 is a doujin shmup by SRX (S.S.P.) in 1999 as a freeware game for windows. The game seems to be an early incarnation of Graze Counter, and features some similarities to CAVE shmups.

The game has 3 stages and 2 loops.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The player can fire the main shot and the bomb. When the player grazes bullets, it will fire homming shots that will chase down any enemy. However, if firing homming shots, the energy gauge (on the top right) will be consumed. If it empties, homming shots cannot be fired again until the energy gauge refills.


  • Z key/Button 1: Shot
  • X key/Button 2: Bomb


Scoring consists of destroying enemies with the homming shots to increase the multiplier (on the top left). To keep the multiplier active, the player must keep destroying enemies and continiously shoot at heavy enemies.

Grazing will also award points.

= Ships

  • CCX-04 (Storm Caliber):
A ship that can has slow speed and a wide shot type. It`s bomber fires a rapid barrage of waves.

  • CCX-09 (Eliminate Caliber):
A ship that can has fast speed and a forward shot type. It`s bomber fires a giant megalaser.

  • ASX-1 (Blue Fairy):
An unlockable ship that can fire shots and missiles. It`s bomber is a flamethrower that can be tilted.

  • ASX-2 (Red Pixy):
An unlockable ship that has options that tilt left and right. It`s bomber summons planes that drop plasma explosions.


Stars: They appear from certain item carriers. If item carriers that have stars are destroyed with the multiplier active, the stars will be multiplied. Stars from cancelled bullets via bombing are not affected by multiplier.
Bomb: Adds an extra bomb stock.
Shield: Adds a shield that can take up to 3 hits. If having 1 or 2 shield damages, picking this item will only recover one shield level.

True Last Boss / TLB

To trigger the TLB (Genocide Caliber) at the end of Loop 2, the player must No-Miss Loop 1. If done correctly, after clearing Stage 2-3, a bunch of item carriers will appear to aid the player before confronting the player. 1cc`ng both loops and TLB results in a succesful 2-ALL clear. Otherwise, if the player dies once on Loop 1 and continiues to play till the end, the TLB won`t show up at the end of Loop 2 and it will result in a Bad clear.


  • Most sound effects used in this game are literally ripped from DoDonPachi, Blast Wind, Soukyugurentai, Thunder Force V, etc.
  • The intro pattern of the TLB was later used for the intro pattern of Revolgear in Graze Counter.
  • The final pattern of the TLB is a reference to Hibachi´s Thousand Stingers pattern from DoDonPachi 1997.
  • The shot type of ASX-2 Red Pixy is a reference to Type-B from DoDonPachi.