Storm Blade

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Developer: Visco
Release date: December 31 1996

Storm Blade is a shmup by Visco in December 31 1996 for Arcades. It is clearly inspired by the likes of Psikyo and Video System, and could be reasonably mistaken for one of their games.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The player can fire the main shot and the bomb.


  • Button A: Shot
  • Button B: Bomb


Scoring consists of destroying as many enemies as possible. After clearing a stage, the score is increased by the shoot down count, bomb stocks left, thus forming the mission bonus.


The game has 6 stages in 2 loops. There`s barely any difference of enemy firing density between both loops.

The RNG element can mix up the order of the 3 starting stages.


Rank is not well understood properly, however, it does seem to exist. A perfect example of the rank change is that when the player reaches MAX rank, suicide bullets will come out, which can happen in 2nd loop.

Characters and planes

  • Lucky and F-14D Tomcat (America):

A character that has a wide frontal shot coverage. His bomber can summon a barrage of missiles.

  • Alex and MiG-29A Fulcrum (China):

Has narrow frontal laser shots and side laser beams. His bomber can fire a big laser blast.

  • Camel and AV-8B Harrier II (England):

Fires widespread shots and homing missiles. Her bomber can summon energy balls that surround her.

  • Kamikaze and Zero Fighter (Japan):

Fires a 3 way shot and has auto aimed side shots. His bomber can summon assist planes as protection method.


Power-up: Increases shot power.
Bomb: Adds an extra bomb.
1UP: Awards an extend. This item only appears once in Stage 1-5.