Space Moth Lunar Edition

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Developer: 1CC Games
Publisher: Chorus Worldwide
Release date: November 18 2021 (PC/STEAM, Nintendo Switch, XBOX Series X/S, PS4)

Space Moth Lunar Edition is a shmup by 1CC Games and published by Chorus Worldwide Games in November 18 2021 for PC/STEAM, Nintendo Switch, XBOX Series X/S and PS4.

The game is a remake of Space Moth DX from 2016, and features many changes compared to the Space Moth DX release.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The player can attack enemies with the main shot to increase the bullet neutralizer circle, and when the circle flashes rainbow, it means it`s at MAX. Using the bullet neutralizer circle will turn bullets into gold skulls. Collecting gold skulls will increase the multiplier, and when the multiplier reaches x24.00, big orange skulls will appear when canceling bullets with the bullet neutralizer circle. Another function that the main shot has is that when attacking large enemies long enough, it will drain their soul and when killing them with the laser, extra points will be granted. Keep in mind that when drainin large enemy souls, they will become more agressive.


Scoring consists of killing enemies, use the bullet neutralizer circle to cancel bullets and increase the multiplier and attack large enemies with the main shot to drain the souls of big enemies and get extra score. If bombs are used, red skulls will appear and will decrease the multiplier. Score can also be increased by grazing bullets.


  • Space Moth:
-Rapid: Wide
Power: ***
Speed: ****
Power: ****
Speed: ***
Basic ship that has good attack coverage. Space Moth`s bullet neutralizer circle follows it`s movement upon activation.
  • Hawk DX-1
-Rapid: Forward
Power: **
Speed: *****
Power: *****
Speed: **
Ship that has trace options. Hawk DX-1`s bullet neutralizer circle stays in a determined position upon activation.


Gold skull: Depending on what level the bullet neutralizer circle is activated, it will grant different gold skull sizes.
Red skull: They appear from cancelled bullets via bombing, which decreases the mutliplier.
Bomb: Adds an extra bomb.
1UP: Grants an extra life. They are found in stages 3 and 5.


  • The game is highly inspired in Mushihimesama for having insects and frogs designs.
  • The Stage 5 Boss is a forced time-out boss, which are references to Stone-like from Radiant Silvergun and Ubusugami Oukinokai from Ikaruga, who are forced time-out bosses.
  • The game`s bullet color formula is similar to DoDonPachi.