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Arcade Mode[edit]

R-Gray 1[edit]

Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
R-GRAY 1 17,922,900 Arcade All Youtube
nyk ave 17,175,450 Playstation All Youtube
nyk ave 16,684,950 Playstation All Youtube
- 15,150,750 Arcade All Youtube
ですます 6,999,650 Android All Youtube

R-Gray 2[edit]

Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
T³-CYR-WIZ 28,763,500 Arcade All Youtube
A 23,021,850 Arcade All Youtube
- 22,511,550 Arcade All Youtube
Sei-Dragon 15,015,000 Arcade All Youtube
Sei-Dragon 14,264,750 Xbox 360 All Youtube
yokuderu 1123 8,920,350 PS1 All Youtube
bamboo69rock 7,951,650 PS1 All Youtube
Bild 7,289,700 PS1 All Youtube


Player Score Ship Stage Video Comment
Sei-Dragon 30,517,970 R-Gear All Youtube
- 24,778,000 R-Gray 0 All pt1 pt2
nyk ave 17,786,740 R-Gray 1 All Youtube