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Stage 4 Route

Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
T³-CYR-WIZ 27,550,780 Arcade ALL Youtube
ben.shinobi 26,834,410 Steam ALL Youtube
ben.shinobi 26,488,150 XBLA ALL Youtube
ben.shinobi 26,467,600 Arcade ALL Youtube
T³-CYR-WIZ 26,015,290 Arcade ALL Youtube Doujin VHS. Segmented run containing IL records of stage 3: 4,640,510; stage 2: 5,091,730; stage 4: 9,517,470; stage 5: 11,415,490, stage 6: 823,360
ben.shinobi 26,001,180 Arcade ALL Dailymotion
ben.shinobi 25,333,020 Arcade ALL Youtube Nolife #3, French commentary
sht 24,230,650 Steam ALL Twitch
ECM-S.I 24,099,790 Arcade ALL Youtube Gamest Superplay VHS; also includes a demo of stage 2 (4,797,810 pts)
SDD-Kaede 23,359,330 XBLA ALL Youtube
VTF-INO 22,858,350 Arcade ALL Youtube only uses the sword
Jaimers 22,686,270 Steam ALL Youtube
ZAT 22,317,640 Arcade ALL Niconico played in 1999
ami kot 21,644,990 XBLA ALL Youtube
Boredom 21,419,200 XBLA ALL Youtube
Chantake 18,971,070 Arcade ALL Youtube Mikado Shooting Matsuri [JP Commentated]
IcarusFW 17,172,350 Switch ALL Youtube
IcarusFW 16,911,840 XBLA ALL Youtube
MLTN 15,253,260 XBLA ALL Youtube
weakboson SDF 11,409,080 Arcade ALL Youtube

Stage 2 Route

Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
T³-CYR-WIZ 23,101,650 Arcade ALL Youtube
ben.shinobi 22,004,800 Arcade ALL Youtube Dailymotion
きんごろ 20,582,530 Arcade ALL Youtube
otk 17,149,980 Saturn ALL Nico 1 2 3 4 Commentary (JP)
VanArctic 14,091,850 XBLA ALL Twitch
VanArctic 13,125,690 XBLA ALL Twitch
sht 9,432,610 XBLA ALL Nico 1 2 3 Commentated Beginner Guide (JP)
GunnerSTG 8,010,180 Saturn ALL Youtube Arcade 1cc Marathon 2019
ark 7,268,440 XBLA ALL Youtube
Weeb Nerd Gaming 6,516,190 Switch ALL Youtube CC Commentary
morsalty 6,458,390 Saturn ALL Youtube
Tomoo 6,305,940 Steam ALL Youtube
Mark MSX 4,831,410 Saturn ALL Youtube Commentary
14,780 Saturn ALL Youtube pacifist play (no shooting)


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
ben.shinobi 40,289,930 Steam ALL Youtube
ben.shinobi 39,604,760 Steam ALL Youtube
ben.shinobi 39,229,230 Saturn ALL Youtube
ben.shinobi 38,371,380 XBLA ALL Youtubea
Youtube 1b 2b
no commentarya
Nolife #92, French commentaryb



Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
Technaze 15,193,590 Steam ALL Youtube
Kahiro 14,192,160 Switch ALL Youtube
Technaze 14,094,570 XBLA ALL Youtube
- 13,014,620 XBLA ALL Youtube


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
kimerou 23,618,820 XBLA ALL Youtube
Amenotsuki 14,584,100 XBLA ALL Youtube Very Hard Difficulty
TKM 14,282,640 Switch ALL Youtube