Precious Star

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Precious Star
Precious Star title.jpg

Title screen

Developer: Ever-Juvenile
Release date: January 18th 2016
Previous game: 「Eclosion.」

Precious Star

A doujin 2D shmup made with Shooting Game Builder.
It was released in 2015 and programmed by a developer named Orchard.
The game is a sequel to the vertical scrolling shooter "Eclosion".
You can download it here:

Gameplay Overview

The game does have 2 difficulty settings: Normal and hard.
Stage select:
At first, only stage 1 is available, but each time you clear a stage it will be added to the list. This is on a per-ship basis.
Stage description:
Precious Star gamen2.gif
1) Player
2) Number of remaining ships
3) Bomb counter and gauge
4) Attack power
5) Item counter
6) Weapon gauge
7) Score
The following items are only visible during battles with bosses:
8) Boss health bar
9) Number of remaining boss patterns
10) Boss timer

Some handy tips:
Extends are at every 10,000,000 (every extend)
Weapon gauge recharges faster when you're not shooting! Use this to your advantage during boss fights, as the weapon special moves are very powerful compared to regular shot
Bombs refill fast as well, and when canceling bullets can provide a bigger score multiplier along with a chain


  • [Button A Default: Z key] Main shot, item selection in menu.
  • [Button B Default: X key] Bomb, return to title screen in menu.
  • [Button L Default: A key] Self-destruct (hold for 2.5 seconds), press on the title screen to end the game. Will discard the current score.
  • [Button X Default: Shift key] Move at low speed and shoot, press on the title screen to access the ranking screen where you can select replays.
  • [Button SELECT Default: Space key] Pause the game.
  • [Enter key] Switch screen size (full screen ⇔ window).
  • [Esc key] End the game.

Can be done via the KeyConfig.exe in the game directory.
A translation was provided by Discord member Aktane.

Characters / Ships / Styles

Precious Star ship01.png

  • Button A: <Straight shot>
Shots focused on the front.
The capture range is narrow, but a certain amount of rapid fire is effective.
  • Button X: <Cannon> - Uses Weapon Gauge
When you press and release the button, it shoots a large single shot forward.
Upon landing on the enemy, it explodes and becomes an explosive flame that remains on the spot.
The detonation will remain over a wide area for a long time as much as the gauge is stored.
The stronger the power of your ship, the more it will be fired at one time, and especially if the power is at its maximum, you can expect a wide range of attacks.
  • Button B: <Burst laser> - Uses Bomb Gauge
Emits a powerful laser forward and the player becomes invincible while pressing the button.
If the enemy has low durability, it will penetrate it.
The release time is at least 1 second, but you can release it permanently by holding down the button, and stay invincible for whole duration.
When you release the button, the invincibility state is canceled.
If the number of bombs is 1 or more, you can fire the laser, but the release time is depending on the gauge.

Precious Star ship02.png

  • Button A: <Straight shot + guided photon bullet>
Shoots forward-focused shots and photon bullets at the same time.
Photon bullets have homing abilities and change to a forward-focused type during low-speed movement.
  • Button X: <Homing Laser> - Uses Weapon Gauge
Press and release the button to fire a laser with homing ability.
The number of lasers will increase as you fill up your gauge, and they will target the enemies on the screen.
Although the number of lasers will be reduced, they can be fired even with a small amount of gauge.
The more powerful your ship is, the longer your lasers will be (and the more powerful your attacks will be).
Depending on how you use it, you can deal with a wide range of enemies.
  • Button B: <Omnidirectional Diffusion Shot>. - Uses Bomb Gauge
Similar to the previous B-Ship, this attack creates a barrage of light bullets in all directions.
The source of the bullets will continue to emit light bullets for a while at the launch point, giving you a certain amount of time of invincibility.
It doesn't interfere with enemy ships, and can eliminate enemy bullets from the entire screen.
The attack power is the weakest of all the ships.
Rather than being an offensive advantage, it is more likely to be used for emergency evasion or for earning money.

Precious Star ship03.png

  • Button A: <Wide Shot + Option Winder>
You can attack from various directions depending on the placement of the options.
The options can be switched by pressing the "z" key twice.
Immediately after pressing the z key twice, you can "switch to a different placement with each additional press" in the same way.
(For example, if you press it three times in a row, the form changes to two ahead; if you press it four times, it changes to three ahead.
There are four types of placement, as follows:
Wide Form
A wide-ranging form that fires shots in a fan shape in conjunction with the main body of the ship.
Mainly effective for wiping out small enemies that crowd in front of you.
Straight Form
A form that focuses on attacking power, concentrating optional attacks in a straight line in front of you.
Mainly effective against large enemies, but dangerous to use in a situation where several small enemies are swarming.
Side Form
A form that covers the side directions. Effective when the enemy is right beside you.
Has the highest rate of fire of all forms.
Orbit form
Disperses shots in all directions while spinning around your ship.
The shot's attack power is low, but it is effective against enemies approaching from all blind spots, such as right next to you or behind you.
  • Button X: <Option Shot> - Uses Weapon Gauge
Press and release the button to fire an aura-covered option at the enemy.
The direction in which the option shoots is basically the same as the formation.
Only the orbiting form has a homing ability.
The more gauge you accumulate, the longer your options will fly, and the more power you have.
The more powerful your ship is, the greater its attack power and range will be.
  • Button B: <Shield Attack> - Uses Bomb Gauge
Deploys a circular shield around your ship to destroy enemy planes and bullets that touch it.
The source of the shield is always around your ship, so you can expand the attack area by moving aggressively.
When combined with options (when not option shooting), additional shields are added to the four corners.

F111-"B" - Unlockable after beating the game regardless of continues
Precious star ship 4.png

  • Button A: <Straight shot>
Shoots a relatively weak forward shot
  • Button X: <Sword Attack> - Uses Weapon Gauge
Press and release the button to swing your sword in a big arc, dealing damage and even canceling some specific bullets.
When Sword Attack is charged - the sword around the ship can be controlled by ship movement and will deal dps when touching enemies, indefinitely, until sword attack is unleashed where there will be a cooldown until sword appears again.
  • Button B: <Big Beam Attack> - Uses WEAPON POWER ( NOT BOMB GAUGE )
Press and release the button to throw a huge beam that will deplete your entire weapon power gauge to zero, regardless of how long you press the button.


Power-ups and bombs in this game are not dedicated items.
The corresponding gauge increases when you destroy an enemy, and when it reaches full capacity, your power-ups and bomb stock will increase.

  • Scoring items
Precious Star itemw.png
Precious Star itemb.png
Items that appear when an enemy is defeated.
Enemy bullets also turn into this item when the Bomb is activated, or when a boss is defeated.
There are two types, white and blue, the former is collected when your ship approaches.
The latter will automatically follow your ship and be collected.
When the shot button is not pressed, items will be collected immediately.
The sooner you get them after they appear, the higher your score.
  • Wing emblems
Precious Star emblem.png
A total of five of these items are placed in each stage.
Normally, you cannot see them, but if you deal a certain amount of damage to them, they will appear.
At the same time, a certain amount of points will be added.
Once they appear, they will continue to release scoring items for a certain period of time.
However, when the emblem reaches the bottom of the screen, it will stop releasing, so if you want to get a high score, make it appear as soon as possible.


--- Translated via Deepl from the help files.---
March 16, 3010 A.D.
Eclosion, a multifunctional city management computer system, is activated.
That's when it all began.

Humans advance into space with the power of Eclosion. Later, they created several imitations of the system.
Later, they created several imitations of the Eclosion, and deployed them to the asteroids and space colonies they had immigrated to.

However, more than 200 years have passed since then.
In the center of a city under the jurisdiction of one of the imitation machines.
At the same time, an indiscriminate terrorist attack occurred.
At the same time, the imitation machines and the mechanical weapon army under the jurisdiction of the same city went out of control.
In the end, they set out to eradicate the entire human race.

Some of the immigrant destinations have already been destroyed or overrun.
At this rate, it would only be a matter of time before they reached the sky fortress that held this machine.

The humans responded by sending out their new "F10X series" fighter spacecraft.
Their mission was to "defend all remaining bases" and "eradicate the enemy forces".
The protagonist is given the latter role, and flies off into space.

All in order to protect the precious stars. For the survival of humanity.
Now, the battle has begun.

Development History

16.01.18 ver0.90c was released.
15.12.23 ver0.90a was released.
15.08.27 a Trial version (ver0.50a) was released.


Replays are saved automatically.
You can access the replays by pressing shift on the title screen and select the corresponding score.
Stage 6 song is a Hatsune Miku instrumental


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References & Contributors

  1. Mostly translated via Deepl via the included game manual.
  2. Keybind translation provided by Discord member Aktane.