Pleasure Hearts

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Pleasure Hearts

Cover art

Developer: M-KAI Project / Frontline
Program: M-KAI
Art: M-KAI
Release date: 1999


Pleasure Hearts is a Side-scrolling Shoot'em Up game by M-KAI released in 1999 for the MSX2 and Turbo-R.


Shia and Hearn defeat a dragon and obtain a magic jewel called Pleasure Hearts; but then Hearn attacks Shia and gets the jewel for himself. Shia loses all her power and tracks down Hearn to seek vengance and retrieve her bounty.


  • Button 1: Shoot
  • Button 2: Bomb


Pleasure Hearts feature 3 weapon types:

Ph weap1.png Type 1: Forward shot (strong)
Ph weap2.png Type 2: Wide shot (weak but covers almost the entire screen)
Ph weap3.png Type 3: A mix between 1 and 2, this weapon shots some balls that wave around the screen and pierce the enemies
Ph power.png The player can collect P items to increse the shot power level up to 8.

Bomb converts enemy bullets into bouns items and does a lot of damage to enemies.


Ph bonusItem.png Bonus items give you extra points and at the bottom of the screen shows names of jewels and precious metals
Ph mItem.png Refill the hearts on the top-left. They seem to work as hit points if the ship is hit by a grazing bullet (not in the center).

Japanese Text translation

Prologue: Premium Hearts You collect an item called "Pleasure Hearts" the blue ship turns on you and says "... Get rid of them." (talking to the big dragon to kill you)

Stage 1: Dead of Alive you get a "crystal" after killing the boss

(the stuff at the bottom of the screen shows names of jewels and precious metals, along with their point value, when you collect items)

Stage 2 Yanak Daivos (? no idea on the correct spelling or what this means)

Stage 3: Devagamesh (? no idea here either) You pick up two people from the ground after a midboss - one is called Ortha(?)

Stage 4: Old Weapon

Stage 5: Kaibeldart (?) Boss entrance: "I'm sorry, but I can't let you go any further."

(boss attacks) Summon: Multi Sweeper Custom Magic APPETOPPE (? doesn't mean anything to me)

Boss defeated: "Even if I may perish...." (attack) Time Magic: ZAP-HALL ("hall" sounds the same as "hole" in Japanese. The attack looks like a black hole)

Stage 6: Arc Dragon Hearn: "Hmph, an uninvited guest."

  • "Let me handle it. Take the Pleasure Hearts and go - hurry!"

Shia (player character): "Who ... are you ... ?"

  • Maina Jakoin (no idea about spelling). Let's just say I'm that person's [the blue ship pilot]... <3."

Maina: "I will put a stop to your efforts. Give up - the jewel is ours"

Summon: Lord Arc

Maina: "Let's make this a fair fight - here, take this." (cat) Maina: "Well then, here I come!"

Stage 7: Winslot Maina: "Persistent, I'll say." Hearn: "..."

Magic: Barrier

(Maina is defeated) Hearn: "Maina!!" Maina: "Hearn, I ... " Hearn: "RAAAAAAAAGHHHH!!"

(Hearn is defeated) Hearn: "... Maina ..." Shia: "... N- ... Nooooooo!!"

(Collect Pleasure Hearts)

(Ending) And with that, everyone was dead. Everyone was dead and gone. ... They are all ... gone .... And I killed them with my own hands...

... What should I do now ... ?

Tears rolled down my face. I cried and cried...

... My face began to hurt, so I raised my head.

... Pleasure Hearts ... ... It's so beautiful ... ... But I have nobody to give it to anymore ...

Then, I realized something. ... Come to think of it ... ... Hearn was alive ...

... Looks like that woman called Maina really was his lover. Either way, Hearn never had any feelings for me at all

...? ... W-what ...? ... I feel more and more elated every second ...!

... It feels like all of my wishes can come true as long as I have this jewel.... .............

My hope soon succumbed to my own sadness...

... Heh, heh, heh ... Happiness shall belong to me, and me alone!


The game seems to have a very simple rank system but we need confirmation about this.


Pleasure Hearts scoring is all about destroying enemies, boss parts and some buildings while picking up certain items.


  • If you miss the first extend dropped by stage 4 midboss the screen goes black for a second and a giant "NO!!!" appears on the screen


References & Contributors

  1. Mojilove made the translation for every japanese text in the game