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ParoParo Title Screen.png

Title screen

Developer: Ooe
Music: Dova Syndrome
Release date: 2020

ParoParo ~Parodius no Parody Game~ (パロパロ ~パロディウスのパロディゲーム~) is a shmup developed by Ooe in 2020 using the STGBuilder tool. It is a parody to the Parodius series.

Before starting the game, the player can set the amount of lives, choose difficulty rank, and (if completed the game) select the starting stage.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The game retains the power-up bar mechanic from Gradius, as well the stage layouts like Parodius. Player destroys enemies to get power capsules and use upgrades.

Dying will result in losing all the upgrades acquired, and will spawn 3 power capsules and a speed-up capsule.

Using a continiue will offers to chose another character and start a stage all over again.


The game 4 characters, each one having it`s unique mechanic.


ParoParo-Type I.png
Missile: Falling men
Way: Spread waves
Laser: Purple laser
GladeUp: Extra man
Barrier: Flaming barrier
Description: This character resembles Koitsu/Aitsu.


ParoParo-Type II.png
Missile: Missile drop
Double: Twin shot
Laser: Laser string
Option: Trace options
Barrier: Force Field
Description: This character resembles Vic Viper/Lord British.


ParoParo-Type III.png
Missile:Twin missiles
Tail gun: Back shot
Laser: Ripple laser
Option: Trace options
Barrier: Basket barrier
Description: This character resembles Takosuke/Belial.


ParoParo-Type IV.png
Missile:Twin missiles
B-Screw: Wave beams
B-Double: Twin ring shots
B-Laser: Rebound lasers
Options: Pods
Description: This character resembles R9 from R-Type, as well some of it`s mechanics. Using C key/Button 3 will manipulate the module.

Power Meter

The Power Meter system in ParoParo uses names for each upgrade. When the player picks up a power capsule, the next box in the Power Meter sequence gets highlighted.

!! is a power-up that deploys a bomb when activated. However, a character will lose it`s shield instantly upon activation.

Extra Lives

There is no score based extends in this game. However, there are hidden 1UP items in different locations of the stages.


Power capsule: Advances the Power Meter by 1. Grants 100 pts. upon collecting it.
1UP: Adds an extra life. Grants 10,000 pts. when collected.
Speed-up: Increases player speed and grants 100 pts. This item spawns (along with 3 power capsules) when a life is lost.


  • The giant reptile midboss on Stage 3 is a reference and tribute to Godzilla and to Reptar from Rugrats.