Operation S.T.E.E.L

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Operation STEEL logo.png
Operation S.T.E.E.L
Operation STEEL boxart.jpg

Box art

Developer: Undermog Games aka. BB
Music: Dolphin
Release date: Late 2021

Operation S.T.E.E.L[edit]

Operation S.T.E.E.L is a roguelike horizontal shoot-em-up with a focus on a good shmup feel combined with randomised levels and powerups.

The game also features a soundtrack by Dolphin and a hand-painted art-style.

Gameplay Overview[edit]


Levels have a set number of randomly generated waves of enemies, one or more random midbosses, and a random boss (from a pool for each level.)

Mid and level bosses drop a selection of three items, of which you can choose one to take. Items dropped include weapons, usable items, passive items, ship upgrades (weapon power/speed/armour), repairs, and coin purses if there is nothing desirable available.

Before each level you can choose between two planets to visit, and after each level you will visit a shop to upgrade/buy weapons and items.


Controls listed are for Xbox controllers. Keyboard and other controller types are supported, with rebinding available. 8-way movement is standard, but analog is supported too.

  • X: Fire weapon
  • X (Release): Charge weapon & attract coins
  • Y: Use item
  • B: Use bomb
  • A: Focus / Slow movement
  • RB: Switch weapon
  • LB: Switch item

Characters / Ships / Styles[edit]

Cid Cobra: The default ship, and most well-rounded.

  • Speed: ★★☆
  • Armour: ★★☆ (starts with 3)
  • Weapon: Blaster (Spread-shot)

Pignon: First unlockable ship. Unlock by playing the game. Has more armour than the default ship, but moves slower and has a larger hitbox.

  • Speed: ★☆☆
  • Armour: ★★★ (starts with 5)
  • Weapon: Charger (Fires straight ahead, can charge up for high damage)

Bluewing: Second unlockable ship. Unlock by ???. Has less armour than the default ship, but moves faster.

  • Speed: ★★★
  • Armour: ★☆☆ (starts with 2)
  • Weapon: ???


Arrow Homing shot.
Blade Very short-range, high damage.
Blaster Spread-shot. Default weapon for the Cid Cobra ship.
Bore High-powered laser. Increased damage at close proximity, but slows movement while in use.
Charger Straight shot which increases damage while not firing. Default weapon for the Pignon ship.
Devastator Rocket launcher with high fire-rate. Rockets damage in a small area of effect.
Flamer Fires multiple rotating flame jets. Short range with high damage.
Gatling Fast fire-rate and swivels to match your vertical movement direction.
Helix Fires in a helix pattern.
Nova Fires large slow moving projectiles that deals damage to nearby enemies.
Plasma A wibbly-wobbly pink laser that locks onto enemies hit.
Poison Straight shot that deals damage over time to any enemy hit.
Shotgun A short-range, high-damage spread shot.
Threeway Fires ahead, above and below your ship. The angle of spread is related to your horizontal movement.

Usable Items[edit]

Boost Teleport a short distance in any direction.
Flash A short-range bullet-cancelling effect.
Slicer Fire a buzzsaw boomerang which damages enemies and clears enemy bullets.
Squadron Call in help from a few friends to provide additional fire and cover.
Stopwatch Slows time temporarily.
Swarm Fires a salvo of homing rockets.

Passive Items[edit]

Backshot Fires behind your ship in a wide spread.
Corgi A furry friend to provide additional firepower.
Homing Periodically fire homing missile(s).
Option Follows your ship and fires a copy of your ship's main weapon.
Orb Two or more orbs rotate around your ship and fire lasers. Laser trajectory is tied to your horizontal movement.
Rocket Periodically fires a high-damage rocket straight ahead.
Saw Two or more buzzsaws orbit your ship, blocking enemy fire or damaging enemies if they come into contact.
Shield Provides a regenerating shield which can negate one point of damage.
Tesla An electrified rod orbits your ship and zaps nearby bullets and enemies.


Weapon up.png
Weapon up Upgrades your currently equipped weapon by one level (to a maximum of 5).
Health up.png
Armour up Increases your ship's armour by one point.
Speed up.png
Speed up Increases your ship's speed by one point (to a maximum of 5).
Repair Restores one point of lost armour.
Bomb (Operation STEEL).png
Bomb Adds one additional bomb charge.


Rank increases when you score points, and decreases when taking damage or using a bomb. There are five levels of rank, from very easy to very difficult. Rank begins at level 2/5.


Kill enemies and collect coins dropped for score. Enemies are spawned in waves, and each wave survived contributes +5% to a score multiplier. Each wave completely cleared contributes a further 5%. Multiplier is reduced by 50% if damage is taken, and caps at +100%. Score per enemy is increased based on the current rank level.


Fleets of robotic ships are invading planets and causing destruction all over the galaxy. It is up to you to search for the source of the electronic legion and shut it down once and for all.

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