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NMK Co., Ltd.

logo of NMK

The name NMK is derived from the names of the three founders: Tamio Nakasato (programmer), Yousuke Maki (hardware), Yukio Kotoyori (president). After the company was incorporated, it was officially designated as Nihon Micom Kaihatsu (日本マイコン開発).

General Play Style

Many NMK games are of a higher difficulty than average, and have a large number of bomb drops. A number of their games feature various types of hidden secrets, and obtuse scoring systems.

Shooting games developed by NMK

Game Year Publisher(s)
Argus 1986 Jaleco
Valtric 1986 Jaleco
P-47 1988 Jaleco
Saint Dragon 1989 Jaleco
Task Force Harrier 1989 UPL
USAAF Mustang 1990 UPL
Black Heart 1991 UPL
Thunder Dragon 1991 Tecmo
Hacha Mecha Fighter 1991 NMK
Choujikuu Yousai Macross 1992 Banpresto
Gunnail 1992 NMK / Tecmo
Choujikuu Yousai Macross II 1993 Banpresto
Thunder Dragon 2 1993 NMK
Rapid Hero 1994 Media Trading Corporation
Operation Ragnarok 1994 NMK / SNK
P-47 Aces 1995 Jaleco
Wangan Sensou 1995 Jaleco