Mushihimesama Futari/Video Index

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Futari thm.jpg



Player Score Ship Stage Video Comment
Kitsuneudon2 KMP 547,640,358 Reco/Normal All Youtube
GFA2-ISO 518,902,716 Palm/Abnormal All Bilibili
Rumski 500,904,677 Reco/Normal All Youtube
Sapzdude 411,803,020 Reco/Normal All Youtube
Icarus 374,558,877 Reco/Normal All Youtube
Iconoclast 358,485,392 Palm/Abnormal All Youtube
CAVE PCB 153,626,869 Palm/Abnormal All Youtube
Jam 149,585,916 Palm/Abnormal All Youtube Commentary in subtitles


Player Score Ship Stage Video Comment
Clover-TAC 1,042,580,964 Reco/Normal All Bilibili
KTL-NAL 981,872,827 Palm/Abnormal All Bilibili
Erppo 810,491,881 Reco/Normal All Youtube
Iconoclast 694,993,138 Reco/Normal All Youtube
VioletHatPurple 369,785,618 Reco/Normal All Youtube


Player Score Ship Stage Video Comment
Fufufu 3,999,999,999 Reco/Normal All Youtube
KGM 3,999,999,999 Palm/Abnormal All Youtube
Assy 3,999,999,999 Palm/Abnormal All Youtube
Taira118 3,999,999,999 Palm/Abnormal All Youtube Barely reaches the counterstop
Fufufu 3,998,650,882 Reco/Normal All Youtube
Rescue 3,123,704,110 Palm/Normal All Youtube 80 mil extend
lstze 3,266,405,598 Reco/Abnormal All Youtube 1 2 3 4 5 6
Rescue 2,956,728,306 Palm/Normal All Youtube
Rescue 2,918,056,555 Palm/Normal Stage 5 Boss 2 Youtube
Tame 2,438,458,176 Reco/Normal All Youtube
Gus 2,109,830,765 with 80 mill Ext Palm/Abnormal All Youtube Live at Stunfest 2019
Rescue 1,782,341,248 Reco/Abnormal All Youtube
Jaimers 1,601,583,085 Palm/Abnormal All Youtube
Xnozero 1,517,265,797 Palm/Abnormal All Youtube
CRI 1,249,906,313 Palm/Abnormal Stage 5 Youtube



Player Score Ship Stage Video Comment
Gus 1,422,583,806 Reco/Normal TLB Youtube
Gus 1,349,638,894 Reco/Normal TLB Youtube
Gus 1,268,090,912 Reco/Normal TLB Youtube
Gus 1,124,824,022 Reco/Normal All Youtube Live at Stunfest 2019, 70 mil extend
Gus 921,532,753 Reco/Normal All Youtube
Rescue 806,065,667 Reco/Normal All Youtube

Guides & Commentaries[edit]

Player Score Mode Ship Stage Video Comment
STG Weekly #8 3,999,999,999 Utra 1.01 Palm/Abnormal Stage 5 Boss 2 Youtube STG Weekly #8