Muchi Muchi Pork!

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Muchi Muchi Pork!
MMP Title.png

Title Screen

Developer: CAVE
Takeshi Miyamoto
Naohiro Saito
Natsuko Naitou
Daisuke Matsumoto
Program: Shinobu Yagawa
Art: Kazuhiko Kawasaki
Hideki Nomura
Takeharu Isogai
Takato Yamashita
Ariko Miyauchi
Designer: Akira Wakabayashi
Release date: Arcade: April 17, 2007
Xbox 360: February 24, 2011
Previous game: Mushihimesama Futari
Next game: Deathsmiles

Muchi Muchi Pork! (むちむちポーク) is vertical scrolling shooting game developed by CAVE and published by AMI on 26 April 2007. It got ported to the Xbox 360 on 2011, alongside Pink Sweets: Ibara Sorekara.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.


There are multiple versions of Muchi Muchi Pork. The original arcade release is is known as v1.00. The release of the Xbox 360 port included a new version of v1.01, alongside with v1.00, an arrange mode and the Matsuri mode as DLC.

v1.00 (Arcade)

  • Includes the default 2 loop normal mode.
    • To enter the second loop you must no miss the first loop, otherwise the game rolls the credits at the end of the first loop.
  • Includes Harahara Mode
    • This is a mode of only the second loop from the normal mode.
    • You can obtain extends every 10 million points, unlike the second loop of the normal mode.
    • Access by entering this code on the title screen: A, B, Right, Right, C, C, Left, B, A, A, Up, Down
  • Includes Manpuku mode
    • Much harder version of the normal 2 loop game by introducing extreme amounts of revenge bullets.
    • Access by entering this code on the title screen: Right, Left, Left, B, B, B, Down, Left, Up, A, B, Right, C
  • v1.00 is also available in the Xbox 360 port

v1.01 (Xbox 360)

  • Has the same modes as v1.00: Normal, Harahara, and Manpuku.
  • The lard meter now fills up quicker, and decreases slower.
  • No requirements are needed for entering the second loop of the normal mode. You now also get extends every 10 million points in the second loop, unlike in v1.00.
  • Slight change to some enemy formations near the end of stage 5.
  • When doing a single tap of the B button to transform into lard mode, your lard gauge will not decrease, unlike in v1.00. Tapping B again you will shoot your lard shot and the lard gauge will decrease at a slower rate than holding down B.

Xbox 360 Arrange


Gameplay Overview


  • A (Tap): Fires Main Shot. Is used to toggle out of Lard form (B button) which also vacuums in Pork Medals.
  • A (Hold): Continuous autofire of Main Shot. Will lock Ikuo's Laser options onto targets.
  • B (Tap, Lard gauge filled): Toggles the Airbike into a Mech which grants access to the Lard Shot (Laser) and will slow movement speed. Lard gauge gradually depletes while transformed.
  • B (Hold, Lard gauge filled): Also toggles into the Mech form and will fire the Lard Shot. Consumes Lard Gauge rapidly while in use.
  • B (Hold, Lard gauge empty): Empty Lard Shot. A single, powerful stream of bullets that upon destroying foes will generate more Pigs than the Main Shot.
  • C (Full bomb in stock): Activates a bomb which is a robot that parades the screen causing massive damage where contact is made. Player is fully invincible for the whole duration, more specifically, as a yellow aura surrounds the character until it dissipates completely.
  • C (Partial bomb in stock): Fires bullet cancelling projectiles forward and deals moderate damage. Once activated the player gains a short duration of invincibility indicated by the yellow aura surrounding the character.


  • Momo (Muchi Muchi Pink): The all-rounder character. Movement speed is medium. Main Shot is a spread shot that deals the least damage of the three girls Main Shots. Lard Shot is a straight forward rectangular buzzsaw beam that extends about 3/4 of the screen at max power. Momo's Lard transformation has the perk of activating laser sooner than Ikuo and Rafute - this supports her survive-ability as she is less venerable during her transformation. Momo's bomb is a large pink robot that shoots an expanding cone that is the width of about 1/5 of the screen space with medium duration.
  • Ikuo (Muchi Muchi Blue): The damage dealer. Movement speed is the slowest of the 3. Main shot is a narrow stream of bullets forward that are supported by Gradius like options that fire lock-on lasers, damage is good. Lard Shot is a gigantic screw Laser that can extend a little further than Momo's Laser at full strength. Ikuo's bomb is a large blue robot that fires a narrow cone which is useful for separating bomb damage. Bomb duration is the weakest of the three.
  • Rafute (Muchi Muchi Yellow): Unwieldy power. Movement speed is high. Main shot is a forward stream of bullets supported by a barrage of spike balls that ricochet all over the screen and pierce after ricocheting. The spike balls in particular do heavy damage. Lard Shot is a spike attached to a chain that juts forward full screen and attaches to targets it makes contact with, damage is the worst of the three. Rafute's bomb is a large yellow robot that smashes the ground like a kid with a tantrum. This results in randomly placed EMP explosions for the longest duration bomb of the three.


Destroy the big satellite with your lard shot for a full bomb drop.
Icon Description
Muchi muchi pork pig.png
Stationary Piggie ("buuton")
Increases your LARD METER, which are worth 1000 each when your lard meter is maxed out.
Muchi muchi pork para pig.png
Parachuting Piggie ("buuton")
Increases your LARD METER, also are sucked in automatically when you are within a (rather generous) range.
Muchi muchi pork small p.png
Pork Up Weiner (small)
These help power up your shot. There are 4 levels to the shot, with level 4 being max power. Each P icon is worth 5000 points when you have your shot at max power.
Muchi muchi pork big p.png
Pork Up Weiner (large)
Raises your shot one full level. Only available when you die and regain your shot power-ups upon respawn.
Muchi muchi pork bomb fragment.png
Bombuu Ham
Increases your BOMBUU GAUGE a little. When the bomb meter maxes out, you get one full bomb. You can have up to 5 in store at any time (4 bombs plus a full bomb meter).
Muchi muchi pork bomb stage 5.png
Full Bomb
There is only 1 fixed full bomb drop in the game. Destroy the large satellite in stage 5 with your lard shot to make it appear.
Muchi muchi pork 1up.png
There is only 1 fixed 1-Up in the game. To trigger it, you must destroy the stage 3 midboss with the B shot when the lard meter is empty.
In Harahara mode, however, you just need to destroy the midboss with the B shot, it doesn’t matter if the meter is empty or full.
Muchi muchi pork medal.png
Medals ("Kinton")
The medal values are: 100-200-300-400-500-600-700-800-900-1000-2000-3000-4000-5000-6000-7000-8000-9000-10000.
You get the next value by collecting all the medals on screen with the current value. If you miss a medal and there is no other medal on screen, the medal value lowers 1/10th of its current value (so 10,000 lowers to 1,000, rather than 100).
The medals are automatically sucked in when you let off the B button and press the A button.


In v1.00:

  • In the first loop, extends are awarded every 10 million points.
  • In the second loop, you are only awarded the first 10 million point extend threshold you cross, and not any after that.

In v1.01:

  • In the first loop and second loop, extends are awarded every 10 million points.

In both v1.00: and v1.01:

  • In the first loop, killing the stage 3 midboss with your empty lard shot to have an extend drop upon the boss exploding.
  • In the second loop, killing the stage 3 midboss with your lard shot for the extend to appear upon the boss exploding.


Rank is present in Muchi Muchi Pork, however rank management is not needed when playing for survival or for score and can be easily ignored.


Both v1.00 and v1.01 have the same scoring mechanics. The biggest methods to acquire a higher score are the following:

  • Raise your medal value from 100 to 10,000 as quick as possible, and don't drop your medal chain. If your medal chain is dropped by having all the medals go off screen your medal value lowers by 1/10th of its current value.
  • Collect dropped medals from killing enemies with your lard shot.
  • Killing midboss and stage bosses with the lard shot will cancel all bullets on the screen into medals.
  • Destroy midboss and stage boss parts with your lard shot to release medals.
  • Destroying a stage bosses phase with your lard shot will cancel the bullets on the screen into medals. This requires good timing as there is no visible health bar to help you judge the bosses health.
  • Doing any of the above while a bomb is going off, instead of a medal drop, you will get small power ups worth 5000 points when you power is maxed. Try to avoid if medal value is above 5000.
  • Use bombs to milk certain bullet heavy boss attacks to turn bullets into parachuting pigs. If your lard meter is full, each pig is worth 1000 points. Doing this effectively can earn you millions of points.