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Developer: nizakashii
Release date: 2021

Klorets (クロレッツ) is a shmup by nizakashii released in 2021. The game is playable in the browser of itch.io or it can be downloaded if playing it with a controller.

The game consists of 5 stages, with branching routes for stages 3 and 4.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The game has normal shot and focus shot. Normal shot is the shot that acts like a variable shot, tilting left and right responding to movement, while Focus shot aims fully forward

The main mechanic of the game is killing enemies with Clorets power to generate diamond items.


  • Z key/A button: Shot
  • X key/X button: Clorets power
  • C key/RT button: Full-auto shot



The HUD info:

  1. Score: The amount of score
  2. Kinkai count: The amount of collected Kinkai diamonds.
  3. Clorets: The remaining Clorets left. The Cloret count is also seen on the player ship.
  4. Zankis left: Represents the remaining player lives.
  5. Boss phase HP: The remaining HP of a boss phase.
  6. Cloret gauge: The gauge that represents the Clorets left.

HUD image provided by JSAV2006STG(ABC).


Scoring consists of killing enemies, destroying them and cancelling bullets with the Clorets power for diamonds, which grant more score.


Extends are granted every 500 Kinkais collected.


Cloret: Spawns when killing enemies with the main shot without using the Cloret power. Recovers cloret gems for Clorets power use.
Kinkai: Diamond items that increases the Kinkai counter and grants extra score.


  • The Cloret power mechanic is highly inspired in Espgaluda`s Kakusei mechanic.

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