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Kaikan is a doujin PC SHMUP released in 2013 by Zakichi, who has released several games under the name ©-kigekiyahonpo-. The game is inspired by Raizing games where medal collection occurs, but with a focus on vacuum effects on medals instead of needing to collect them by touching them like in a Raizing game. The game was created solely within Shooting Game Builder and features royalty free music from various artists to fill in the game's soundtrack.

Gameplay Overview[edit]


Kaikan is a 3-button game as follows:

  • Fire: This is what you press to deploy the fire of your main and subshots.
  • Bomb: This is what you press to deploy a bomb when the bomb meter is full.
  • Focus: Holding this button shows the ship hitbox and alters properties of the subshot for whichever ship you select.


All ships have a standard forward shot, the ship picked determines what kind of subshot is powered up along the way.

Ship Sprite Speed Weapon Focus Overview
Type A
Kaikan TypeAShip.jpg
5/6 Napalm Tightens subshot spread for a focused attack Pros:
  • Fast Ship with high damage.
  • Can change sub to be slightly wider or focused with proper use of Focus.


  • Lingering subshot can make for harder chain timings due to needing to let off the shot for longer to collect medals.
  • Has the worst capabilities of dealing with enemies on it's sides due to the focused nature of it's kit.
Type B
Kaikan TypeBShip.jpg
4/6 Wideshot Engages subshots to all fire forward Pros:
  • Most balanced ship in the game, no major flaws and can handle any situation.
  • Wide shot covers entire screen, focus lets it get better damage on smaller targets or specific spots.
  • Subshot ends quickly to allow for quicker and easier medal collecting.
Type C
Kaikan TypeCShip.jpg
3/6 Homing Puts a target on the field while held, Homing shot directs towards the held target Pros:
  • Homing subshot lets players concentrate solely on dodging while having good medal collection due to the subshot not lingering.
  • Unique shot strategies in tandem with use of Focus.


  • Overall very weak, loses out on bonus waves other ships would see.
  • Has to score completely differently from the other ships due to it's abnormal kit.
Type D
Kaikan TypeDShip.jpg
2/6 Fire Slows span of fire pillars from 180 degree fan to 90 degree fan Pros:
  • Fire Pillars hit wide and pierce through anything.
  • Being able to have unfocused + focused fire pillars simultaneously gives the ship versatility.


  • The slower speed of the ship can be a detriment in some areas.
  • Big damage with this ship requires being close to enemies and stacking fire pillars for optimal destruction.
Type E
Kaikan TypeEShip.jpg
6/6 Blast Prevents subshot from swaying while moving left/right Pros:
  • Fastest ship and highest damaging ship in the game.
  • Due to it's high damage, has access to unique bonus waves only it can reach.


  • Due to the destructive power of it's subshot, one would need to let off Fire longer in order to preserve medals and not lose chains.
  • Lack of side coverage and the ship's extreme speed makes it have a harder time in stage 5.
Type F
Kaikan TypeFShip.jpg
1/6 Ball Freezes balls in place Pros:
  • A tanky ship capable of covering the screen in a storm of firepower.
  • Balls will erase enemy bullets and can take several hits before disappearing. Letting go of fire returns balls to the ship and heals them.


  • The major lack of speed turns into a hindrance when simply collecting ground medals or dodging some attacks.
  • If any balls take too much damage and disappear, the ship will lose a power level as balls in stock correlate to power level.

Game Mechanics and Scoring[edit]


Periodically there will be bigger enemies that will drop power ups when shot. The player starts the game with no sub weapon, but each powerup collected will raise your sub weapon level by 1, capping at 4. Extra powerups collected without the player dying will give increased extra points for each excess powerup, starting at 10K and increasing 10K for each new powerup picked up. Dying lowers your power level by one and resets the extra powerup collection bonuses.


There are four types of medals the player will see in Kaikan:

  • Enemy Medals: The most common medals the player will see. These will spawn from structures that are shot at and from enemies destroyed with main, subshot and bomb. Collecting these will increase the item rank a bit per Enemy Medal as well as fill the bomb meter a bit. Letting off the Fire button will vacuum these medals to the player and will be collected as long as the player does not press fire again too quickly before the medals reach the player.
  • Ground Medals: There are seven hidden Ground Medals in each stage. These look like rounded shields and can only be uncovered if shot at long enough with the main shot or if a bomb hits them, and are worth an amount depending on your current item rank. Once uncovered, the player has to collect the ground medal by flying over it.
  • Bomb Medals: These look like a warrior's shield and will spawn from enemies or bullets destroyed with a bomb and are collected automatically. Bullets turned into Bomb Medals do not contribute to bomb refill or item rank increase.
  • Boss Destroy Medals: These look like cross shaped medals and only spawn from bullets cancelled when a boss is destroyed. These can only be picked up directly by flying into them.


Count is shown on the right side of the screen and tells how many medals you have collected in the stage. This slowly subtracts during boss fights. This acts as an end stage multiplier, where when a boss is killed, you earn (Boss Value x Count) Score.

Item Rank Values[edit]

Kaikan features an item rank system for medal point value, the higher your rank the more medals will be worth when spawned from destroyed enemies.

  • G Rank: 10 Pts, (Ground Medal = Count x 100)
  • F Rank: 50 Pts, (Ground Medal = Count x 110)
  • E Rank: 100 Pts, (Ground Medal = Count x 120)
  • D Rank: 500 Pts, (Ground Medal = Count x 130)
  • C Rank: 1000 Pts, (Ground Medal = Count x 140)
  • B Rank: 5000 Pts, (Ground Medal = Count x 150)
  • A Rank: 10000 Pts, (Ground Medal = Count x 200), A Rank medals collected add +2 to the Count per medal instead of 1.

Item rank is visually displayed by the colored bars that sit on the sides of the screen and indicated by letter on the left side of the screen. Collecting Enemy Medals will increase item rank and add to your total Count number visible on the right side of the screen.


Bombing will spawn additional Bomb Medals from enemies destroyed with the bomb and converts any enemy bullets on screen during the bomb duration into Bomb Medals as well.

These medals are worth (Current Item Rank Point Value x 5) amount of Score and also give (Item Rank Count Value x 5) number of Count. Enemy Medals and Bomb Medals spawned due to the bomb usage will be autocollected to the player. If a bomb is in stock and the player gets hit, rank will drop to G Rank and the bomb will be expended and act as a one use autoguard shield.


  • All Bosses have extra parts that will display a number indicating Hit Points remaining on the parts the player shoots at. When these parts are destroyed, any enemy bullets on screen are cancelled into Enemy Medals that automatically collect. Big cancels are necessary in boss fights in order to be able to refill bombs.
  • Destroying a stage boss will turn all enemy bullets on screen into Boss Medals that are worth (Current Item Rank Point Value x 10).
  • Points calculated for destroying a stage boss: (Boss Value x Count).

Item Rank Drop[edit]

Item rank will reset to G Rank anytime the player shields, the player loses a life, or when an Enemy Medal flies off the screen at the bottom.

Warning Assist[edit]

The entire playfield of the game does not fit into one screen, so there are moments that medals can spawn on sides the player might not be able to see at the current moment. Anytime there are off-screen medals, big orange arrows appear on the left or right of the screen to warn the player that there are medals off screen in that direction. Be ready to let go of fire to vacuum in Enemy Medals so that you don't drop one and lose item rank whenever these arrows appear.

Negative Penalty[edit]

When the Fire button is not held down, any Enemy Medals on screen will be vacuumed to the player and collected. If the player fires too soon before these vacuumed medals are collected, they will dim and go down one level. This is a cosmetic warning for the player to not repeat this mistake with the same medals again. If the player makes this mistake twice for the same Enemy Medal(s), the Enemy Medals will turn into a rusty red color, lose ALL point value, and will no longer vacuum to the player. The player will need to pick up these red tinted medals by flying directly into them before they fall off the screen to retain Item Rank.


An Extend is given to the player at 100M Score and then every 200M Score after the 1st. There are also two hidden extends:

  • In the middle of stage 3 after the lake portion, there is a giant rock in the middle of the screen that takes some firepower to destroy. Destroying this rock uncovers a swarm of robotic bugs that try to fly away, you must quickly destroy all of these bugs as they appear and an E Flag for an extend will appear in the center of the rock source.
  • In stage 5, you must have an A Rank while at the Turret Wall. An E Flag will appear in the lower right corner of the Turret Wall during this section.

Game End Bonuses[edit]

  • No Continue Bonus: If you beat the game without continuing, you will earn 10 Million points.
  • Credit Bonus: When beating the game with continues, you are given a Credit Bonus of (Number of unused credits x 500,000) Score.
  • Remain Bonus: Remain Bonus is determined by (Remaining Lives x 50,000). You will get a 2x multiplier if you 1 Credit Clear the game.



The player will start at G Rank at the beginning of each stage, the main goals in each stage:

  • Hit A Rank as soon as possible and never get hit - This is the most straight-forward objective, shoot structures and enemies down and collect the Enemy Medals they drop to increase Item Rank.
  • Make sure you get used to letting go of the Fire button to vacuum in Enemy Medals.
  • Waiting as long as possible to pick up Ground Medals will net you the most possible points with as many medals as possible collected beforehand.
  • Destroy enemies quickly to spawn extra waves whenever possible.
  • Use bombs strategically so that enemy destruction and bullet cancellation is maximized as much as possible for more Bomb Medals. Since bombs do not cover the whole screen, it is a good idea to let go of Fire while the bomb is going off so that enemies outside the blast radius coming into the screen don't get killed before they run into the bomb and the player misses out on some Bomb Medals.
  • Destroy boss parts with optimal timings and as many bullets on screen as possible to maximize bomb recharges. KO Bosses when lots of bullets are on screen and maximize Boss Medal collection. The point values earned from taking time on bosses to go for maximum bullet cancels outweighs the Count value lost during a boss fight.

Ground Medals[edit]

True Last Boss[edit]

There is a True Last Boss(TLB) that exists in this game if you play through the game and defeat the stage 5 boss without continues. After the TLB appears, Count becomes ([Remaining Lives x 1000] + 2000). For example, if you have 4 spare ships showing at the right corner of the screen, you have 5 lives currently and the Count becomes 5000 + 2000 = 7000.


  • Type E Ship: Finish the game (continues allowed).
  • Type F Ship: Beat the game with a 1 Credit Clear (no continues allowed), or can be unlocked with enough playtime clocked (Amount of time needed to play is unknown).


  • If you quit the game during a replay, the game will save the unlock information and high score that the game has stored during that specific replay. For example if you have a 1 Billion high score and both E and F ships unlocked, but you watch Replay # 1 where you played the game for the first time without the 1 Billion high score or the unlocked ships and you were to quit during this replay, the game will save the high score shown during that replay and the E and F ships will be locked again. Never quit the game in the middle of a replay. After a really good run is saved, you can game over in another run afterward to retain your latest information in case you mess up after your good replay and have no way for the correct high score/unlocks to display.


You can download the game for free through the author's webpage: https://zakichi.ojaru.jp/kaikan.html