Jet Buster

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Jet Buster

Developer: Team Grybanser Fox
Music: HeavyViper
Release date: October 19, 2017
Steam: October 24, 2017

Jet Buster (ジェットバスター) is a shmup by Team Grybanser Fox released in October 19 2017 for and then in October 24 2017 for STEAM. It is known for having anthromorphic characters, with one being the only human in the game.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The player has a standard shot and a sub-shot, as well bombs that do no damage but give a fair amount of i-frames. The sub-shot also has some sort of short ranged aura. Main shot uses a coin magnet, while sub-shot uses a medal magnet.


Scoring consists of chaining coins and medals. Coins is what increases the value of the medals. Medals are created by using the sub-shot to shoot at coins to convert them. Medal value can reach up to level 10.

The chaining is increased by constantly collecting coins and medals, and if collecting performance is done properly, chain can reach MAX value.

Difficulty modes

  • Standard: The basic difficulty mode. Has moderated enemy firing rate and extends are frequent.
  • Expert: A harder game mode that features more agressive enemy fire and some different patterns. Extends are slightly less frequent.


At the start, Makoto is the only available character by default. To unlock the others, they must be purchased from the shop.

Makoto Kitsune

Makoto Kitsune (マコト・キツネ)

Main shot type: Wide Variable
Sub-shot type: Piercing wave
Speed: Fast
Damage: Average

Axel Steel

Axel Steel (アクセル・スティール)

Main shot type: Cross piercing
Sub-shot type: Short-range piercing shotgun
Speed: Average
Damage: High


Arashi (嵐)

Main shot type: Widespread shurikens
Sub-shot type: Piercing giant shuriken
Speed: Somewhat high
Damage: High


Karin (カリン)

Main shot type: Wide and narrow shots
Sub-shot type: Wide shots
Speed: Average
Damage: Somewhat low

Amelia Summers

Amelia Summers (アメリア・サマーズ)

Main shot type: Wide rapid shots
Sub-shot type: Wide shots
Speed: Average
Damage: Somewhat low


The shop offers different unlockables, and each one costs a certain amount of Medal Points. The coin count increases from playing the game. Unlockables list:

  • Axel Steel (100)
  • Arashi (1000)
  • Karin (5000)
  • Amelia Summers (9999)
  • Unlimited continues (2500)
  • Boss Rush (2500)
  • EX Boss Rush (5000)
  • Extra wallpaper (9999)


Power-up: Increases shot power.
Bomb: Dropped from bomb carriers. Grants an extra bomb
Coin: Spawned majorly by killing enemies with main shot. They increase the medal value gauge.
Medals: Spawns from turning coins with the sub shot. Their level variates their score value.

True Last Boss / TLB

  • The TLB (Rakuga) appears only at the end of Expert difficulty. Defeating it will result in an extra scene for the ending. TLB also appears in EX Boss Rush.


  • The name of the character "Axel Steel" originates from a Guitar Hero character named with the same name.
  • While Makoto and Amelia were the only Zeno characters in this game, Axel, Arashi and Karin were new to this entry.