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Hector 87 logo.png
Hector '87
Hector 87 boxart.jpg

Hector '87 Famicom Boxart

Developer: Hudson Soft
Music: Takeaki Kunimoto
Program: Atsuo Nagata
Katsunori Takahashi
Art: Kazuhiko Nonaka
Sugata Morimoto
Yasuaki Kuwahara
Tsukasa Kuwahara
Release date: JP: July 16, 1987
NA: June 1990
Previous game: Star Soldier
Next game: Gunhed

Hector '87, released in North America as Starship Hector, is a scrolling shooter by Hudson Soft released for the Famicom in 1987. It is a spinoff of the Star Soldier series and is the second official Caravan Shooter title.

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The game's story varies between the Japanese and English versions. While in the Japanese version the mission is to recover humanity's story, in the English version the mission is to save humanity from destruction. While in the Japanese version the player ship is named Noah, in the English version it is called Starship Hector.

Japanese Story

“The Third World War, which happens on Earth during Star Year 1024, burns down humanity's heritage and memories. In search of the lost past, the research fleet of the Time Travel Agency departs for the ancient Earth on Star Year 4622. However, most of the research vessels encountered and were pursued by a swarm of odd bio-mechanical creatures. Barely surviving, the Noah battled through the ancient soil to uncover the mystery behind these creatures.”

North American Story

“In the Star Year of 2038, the Fourth World War on Earth destroyed all of mankind. The Starship Hector was thousands of light years away on an exploration mission. Upon their return to what is now Ancient Earth, the Starship Hector found Earth to be desolate and inhabited by gruesome bio-mechanical creatures. Starship Hector must fight it's way past many different empires of these bio-mechanical creatures to save Earth's future.”

Gameplay Overview

Hector '87 contains a mix of both vertical and horizontal scrolling stages. In contrast to all other Star Soldier games, Hector '87 utilizes a health bar in addition to a lives system. Noah is noticeably slower than most ships in the Star Soldier series. There are a total of 6 Stages.


  • A: Ground Missile
  • B: Forward Gun


There are only two weapons in Hector '87: The forward facing guns, and ground missiles to target ground enemies. It functions similar to titles like Xevious or Twinbee, though unlike those titles the ground missiles can be fired repeatedly in the same manner as the main guns. This must be done manually however, as there is no form of auto-fire in any version of the game.


Outside if health pickups, there are no powerups or alternative weapons in Hector '87.