Heavy Weapon

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Developer: PopCap
Release date: February 24 2005 (PC)

Heavy Weapon is a tank shmup by PopCap released in 2005 for PC, and later released for PS2 (which is included in PopCap Hits! Vol. 2 with Zuma Deluxe), XBOX 360, PS3 and Zeebo.

Gameplay Overview

Heavy Weapon is a game where the player controls the Atomic Tank to fight back against hordes of enemies. The player is equipped with the main weapon and nukes (which act like bombs). When the player collects enough MegaLaser items, the MegaLaser will be activated. MegaLaser acts as a Hyper system that can fire a powerful laser beam.


There are different control types in different ports of the game:

PC ver.:

  • Mouse left click: Fire main shot
  • Mouse left click: Deploy nuke/bomb

PS3/XBOX 360 ver.:

  • R stick: Fire main shot
  • RT button Deploy nuke/bomb

Unkown what tare the exact controls of the Zeebo version, because Zeebo SUCKS ASS!


Each enemy has it`s own score value. After clearing a stage, the score is increased like this:

  • Enemies destroyed
  • Kill percentage
  • Firendly fire bonus
  • Survival bonus
  • Reinforcements
  • Major destructions


The game has different game modes:

  • Mission: The game`s story mode. It has 9 stages in 2 loops, with a true last stage and a TLB at the end. The player must survive until reaching a stage`s boss and defeat it. Upon clearing a stage, the player can choose between a variety of upgrades.
  • Survival: A mode where the player must survive trough a never-ending waves of enemies until being killed. This mode has a rank system, in which when the player survives more, rank will increase and the waves become more crowded with enemies. There is not much difference between the PC and the XBOX 360 ports. In the PC port, the player plays Survival by itself. In the XBOX 360/PS3 ports, the player can play alone, or join a War Party survival game where up to 4 players can join, except that rank increases faster and more enemies will appear more often.

Upgradable weapons

  • Defense orbs: Defensive spheres that block all enemy ordinance, except laser attacks.
  • Homming missile: Launches missiles that chase enemies.
  • Laser: Fire a laser stream.


In the year 1984, Red Star (Soviet Union) launches a massive-scaled, global invasion. The Allied forces fought bravely, but they are hopelessly outnumbered by the Red Star army. The Allied Nations have no choice but to negotiate an surrender, hopefully ending the war and the genocide. Fortunately, they have one last line of defense. The Allied Nations decide to send in the Atomic Tank to put a stop to Red Star.


Nuke: Adds an extra nuke.
MegaLaser: Increases the MegaLaser gauge.
Shield: Grants the player a shield.
Speed-up: Increases the player`s scrolling speed.
Spread shot: Fires 2 simultaneous shots in a spread formation.


  • If you press the quit button, the game will pop up some messages; some may encourage you to keep playing the game, or some may insult you for losing the fun, being a coward, etc.
  • There is a minigame in the Xbox 360/PS3 ports of Plants VS Zombies where you control a lawn mower that you use it move across the lawn and shoot zombies the are trying to go into your house, this is obviously referecing the PopCap game of the same name 'Heavy Weapon'.
  • In every mission, you can see some things on the background or on the road, which can either be: an animal, some people, some man-made things or mythical and prehistoric creatures.
  • While playing through the game, a low pitched voice will speak out everything through some interactions, like when the game is started, he says: "HEAVY WEAPON!", starting a mission: "PREPARE FOR BATTLE!", collecting every parts of the Megalaser:"MEGALASER!", when losing a life: "GET READY!", when all lives are lost: "GAME OVER!", when a boss is encountered: "DANGER!", and when a stage is cleared: "VICTORY!".