Halloween Itazura

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Developer: Inatsuka Haru
Release date: 2012

Halloween Itazura, aka お菓子くれなかったから街破壊しちゃうよっ! (Okashi kurenakattakara machi hakai shi chau yo~tsu! / If you don't give me sweets, I'll destroy the city!) is a doujin shmup by Inatsuka Haru in 2012.

The game consists of 3 stages.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The game has a Gradius styled upgrade mechanic. Players collect Koro items to highlight an upgrade from the Power bar and then press the upgrade button to enhance the character.


  • Z key/A button: Shot
  • X key/B button: Upgrade
  • Shift key/X button: Slow


Scoring consists of killing enemies and getting blue items for score.

Boss fights will have boss bonuses, which is their timer, and will reward the player a big bonus for how fast a boss is defeated.


In this game, rank controls the agressiveness of the enemies. For every 18 Koros collected, rank will increase by 1 level. Rank decreases 1 level when a life is lost.

Difficuly modes

Each difficulty has it´s rank level limits.

  • Easy: Rank starts at lvl. 1 and caps at lvl. 2
  • Normal: Rank starts at lvl. 2 and caps at lvl. 6
  • Hard: Rank starts at lvl. 4 and caps at lvl. 8
  • Lunatic: Rank always stays at lvl. 8 regardless of lives lost.


  • Speed up: Increases scrolling speed. (Up to 3 times.)
  • Power-up: Increases weapon strength. (Up to 3 times.)
  • Barrier: Grants the player a 1-hit shield.
  • Life-up: Recovers a life. Only available when lives are lost.
  • Bomber: Releases a huge explosion forward. It can touch and attract blue items.


Koro: Advances the Power Meter by 1. Every 18 Koros collected increases rank by 1.
Blue item: Grants extra score. Can be attracted with bomber explosion.

True Last Boss / TLB

The exact requirements to trigger Blacker Kram (the TLB) are unknown. But, it´s probable that Il Grande Cocomero (the Stage 3 Boss) must be defeated on Rank 5.

It has really large health, and it´s nearly impossible to beat without a time-out.


  • The upgrade bar mechanic is inspired by Gradius.
  • Il Grande Cocomero and Blacker Krams´s low HP final attack is majorly inspired in Gengetsu´s infamous time-out pattern.