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Ver 1.00 Title screen (No unlocks)

Developer: Bikkuri Software
Music: motchi^3
Release date: 28 Jul, 2017.

Graze Counter is a shmup made by Bikkuri Software using STGBuilder and released in July 28th 2017 for Steam by the publisher Henteko Doujin.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

Graze Counter is a vertically scrolling shmup with 8 way directional movement, a shot button, a graze counter button, a slow button, and a Break button.

It involves grazing the enemy bullets to increase the multiplier, use the G.C. laser to get gold stars, and Break mode to get red stars.


There are 2 control types:


  • Button 1: Fire main shot
  • Button 2: Fire Graze Counter laser
  • Button 3: Activate Break mode
  • Button 4 Slow movement


  • Button 1: Fire main shot & slow move
  • Button 2: Fire Graze Counter laser
  • Button 3 Activate Break mode


The game has a multiplier, which can be increased by grazing bullets or enemies. It can reach up to 1000x.

Each graze gives 100 pts.

Extends are every 50000000 pts.

When clearing a stage, the end stage score bonus values go like this:

  • Graze: Amount gets mutliplied by 100.
  • Gold stars: Amount gets mutliplied by 250.
  • Red stars: Amount gets mutiplied by 500
  • Remaining time: Remaining time gets multiplied by 500.
  • Remaining lives: Remaining lives get multiplied by 1000000.

After that, the total bonus will be formed and will add up to the player´s score.

Characters / Ships

The game has Type-1 and Type-2 ships available at the start. But as the player clears the game more times, other ships will be unlocked.

  • Type-1 (G-01/R April Divider):
Piloted by Ginyose Uzuki.
A ship that moves slowly but has a shot type with superior attack range.
  • Type-2 (G-02/B Freedom Dancer):
Piloted by Furuyama Satsuki.
A fast ship equipped with a forward shot type.

  • Type-3 (YR-01 Revolgear):
Piloted by Kotori Hayate.
A fighter that equips 2 options, which when grazing bullets, the options will automatically aim and fire at an enemy.
However, because the ship lacks of Break gauge, red stars cannot be collected.

  • Type-4 (XK-02 Kirisame Blade):
Piloted by Kirisame Kiriko.
Her main shot is short ranged and has equipped a sword which swings whenever the Break button is pressed.
However, because the ship lacks of Break gauge, red stars cannot be collected.

  • Type-5 (SP-01 Shadow Divider):
Piloted by the imitation of Ginyose Uzuki.
A ship that is permanently on break mode
However, because the ship lacks of Break gauge, red stars cannot be collected.
  • Type-6 (SP-02 Alternative-D):
Piloted by the imitation of Furuyama Satsuki.
A ship that is also permanently on break mode.
However, because the ship lacks of Break gauge, red stars cannot be collected.

  • Type-7 (SP-03 Revolgear 2):
Piloted by a scientist version of Kotori Hayate.
Her main shot is a 5 way spread shot. When on Break mode, she can fire a tremendous barrage of shots.

  • Type-8 (SP-04 Kirisame Blade 2):
Piloted by a schoolgirl version of Kirisame Kiriko.
A ship that has high firepower and highest movement speed.


-Auto Shield: A skill which regenerates a new shield every 15 seconds.

-Over Graze: When the player grazes a bullet for a long period of time, the bullet will dissapear.

-Extend Guard: Extends the i-frames of the Graze Counter laser when the G.C. gauge is used at 50%.

Game modes and difficulties

-Normal mode: The standard game mode, featuring Novice, Arcade and Expert difficulty modes.

Difficulty modes:

  • Novice: A game mode for beginners. Has rank system disabled.
  • Arcade: The standard difficulty mode, which has a rank system that consists of the player´s survival time. As the player survives longer, rank will increase overtime, increasing enemy bullet speed.
  • Expert: A game mode which retains the rank system, while increasing enemy firing density, and enemies will emit suicide bullets when killed.

-Unlimited mode: A hard mode which features Arcade and Expert difficulty modes. The rank is locked at the highest, which never decreases when losing a life, and adds suicide bullets to the Arcade difficulty

-Omake!: A special mode which offers an Extra Stage and a Boss Rush mode.

  • Extra Stage (Stage 0: Crisis domain): An additional stage that is locked on the Unlimited Expert difficulty mode, featuring very difficult sections. At the end of the stage, the Revolsaber boss will appear.
  • Boss Rush mode: A mode where the player fights all the bosses while trying to clear the mode in the fastest time possible.


Gold star: These gold stars appear when attacking enemies with the Graze Counter laser.
Red star: These red stars appear when attacking enemies in break mode.
Shield: Grants the player a shield
Boost: Instantly boosts the multiplier to 1000x
Gauge: Instantly boosts the Break gauge to max.


  • The power-ups triangle and player ships designs are inspired by ChoRenSha 68K.
  • Type-4 and Type-8 use music from Kirisame Blade 2.
Music from Kirisame Blade 2 that Type-4 and Type-8 use:
-Stage clear: Good fight!!
-Stage 3: Mechanized field.
-Extra Stage: Slash all of them!!
  • The intro attack that the Revolgear uses originates from the TLB of Storm Caliber Revival Edition `99.