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List of Free to Play STG/SHMUPS

Note: a lot of these games need Japanese locale AND Japanese notations in order to work properly.


Game Release date Author Download link
9 Hours, 9 Persons, 999 Bullets September 10, 2021 merouses Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Abmneshi: The Prophecy December 18, 2012 PteriForever Download
Abstract Code March 25, 2024 RUOK Download
ABOGADRO改 October 8th, 2004 時 貴斗 Download
Ad Nauseam 2 April 15, 2008 "Cactus" Jonatan Söderström Download
Aeon Drive (Demo) February 2, 2023 Aeon Studios/Social Kid Music Download
Aero Chimera April 24, 2014 SAS Download
Ahead Striker 2015 えふえす Download
Akuchizoku 2007 Download
Alien Space 2009 Stefan Gustafsson Download
Alternative Memories August 19, 2022 2koiraa Download
An Oath To The Stars August 3, 2017 Himeki Games Download
Apare Usapie! 2015 Sorafune Atelier Download
Archius (Demo) April 24, 2023 RuV Download
Arginaros 2005 Zakichi Download
Awaken: Underwater Odyssey 2014 Lurker's Lair (Tryzna/Pavel Hůrka) Download
悪魔の悪夢: AR EK-QUA ER SETA (REV.B0017 DEMO) 2020 emma essex Download
アタナトスの魔法使い(Atanatos Wizard?) 2011 N-linear Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Banisher 2008 Zakichi Download
Blade Buster (NES) September 29, 2010 High Level Challenge! Download
Blaster Gear March 10, 2019 Team Overloaded Download
Blaynix 2011 Zakichi Download
Blue Wish 2005 2005 x.x Game Room Download
Blue Wish Resurrection 2006 2006 x.x Game Room Download
Blue Wish Resurrection Plus 2008 x.x Game Room Download
Book of Star Mythology 2016 Mace's Secret Base (raichu) Download
Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle December 1, 2016 Trick Nostalgie Download
Broken Pearl December 20, 2014 Mikael Tillander Download
Bullet Hell Monday October 3rd, 2016 MASAYUKI ITO Play Store
Bullet Hell Monday Finale April 13th, 2020 MASAYUKI ITO Play Store
Bullet Tracks II April 21, 2020 Team Overloaded Download
Bun-Boh-Gu Wars! 2013 紙製アトリエ Download
Burn the Trash September 26, 2007 "Cactus" Jonatan Söderström Download
⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ ブーーーーーン!!!! 2005 Iwasaki++ Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Call Of The Underworld 2011 SCFWorks Download
Capture Core July 5, 2016 Team Overloaded Download
Caravan Star 改 -KAI- June 22, 2011 NSS Download
Caravan Star II November 19, 2011 NSS Download
Chaos Discharge March 8, 2023 Kanzaki Shintarou Download
Chataan 2013 eyelash Download
Cho Ren Sha 68K (Windows) 1995 Famibe No Yosshin Download
Cho Ren Sha 68K (Sharp X68000) 1995 Famibe No Yosshin Download
Clean Asia February 1, 2007 "Cactus" Jonatan Söderström Download
Cold Chord December 20, 2014 WASABI STUDIO SV Download
Collapse Dream December 31, 2016 Outside Sotonohito Download
Coma State Eden 昏睡状態エデン 2020 StudioDaeera Download
Consinity September 17, 2023 Squarey Download
Contlade 2009 Zakichi Download
Creature Jungle 16 1999 Takeuchi Kouta Download
Crisis Rose The Trial September 8, 2019 Team Overloaded Download
Crymson Blade May 17, 2001 Takule Download
Crystal Concerto (水晶協奏曲) March 8, 2012 WASABI STUDIO SV Download
Cybreaker 2004 K Project Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Dangan GB January 1, 2019 snorpung Download
Dangan GB2 October 20, 2023 snorpung Download
Danmaku Gladiator August 12, 2022 Kanzaki Shintarou Download
Danmaku Gladiator -Champions- January 11, 2024 Kanzaki Shintarou Download
Danmaku Shimai ~ La soeur de barrage 2007 Tocoroten Download
Dark Old Sun March 7, 2018 SN!Somos Nerds STEAM Download

Google Play Download

Dead Planet 2013 jeff_jks Download
Death Strike October 28, 2018 Olof Næssén Download
Demolition Gunner: In Seek And Destroy 2006 Astro Port Download
DoKinGan February 13, 2015 GOTYO Download
D-STARS May 28, 2015 tuisekimode Download
DoDonPachi Daiueiku 2014 Guan Download
Dotonpachi Daimao Darkslategray Label 2011 Gustav Download
Dotonpachi Maximum 2012 Gustav Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Earthen Miraculous Sword November 18, 2013 Trick Nostalgie Download
Eclosion March 30, 2010 Orchard Download
Eden's Aegis 2010 x.x Game Room Download Download
Eden's Edge 2007 x.x Game Room Download
Elf-San's Quest November 4, 2022 Kanzaki Shintarou Download
Elfin Force SC August 10, 2022 VananaHammer Download
Evanescent Existence November 18, 2013 Trick Nostalgie Download
Every Extend 2009 Omega Download
Exaltator Nil February 5, 2024 Aru/Winged Fox Download
EX -Extra- 2010 yunfa -ゆんふぁ- Download
Excellent Bifurcation February 7, 2007 Linley Henzell Download
Exodious March 24, 2018 Team Overloaded Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Fire & Reign (Demo) 2021 SiphonShock Download
fish II 2000 かっしい Download
Figment Break (Demo) August 27, 2023 Anonine Download
Flight of Pigarus (Master System) 2018 Kagesan Download
Flying - V (Demo) 2012 Gryzor Download
Frontier Diver Progenexis September 1, 2021 Modus Interactive Download
Fuck Space! November 18, 2006 "Cactus" Jonatan Söderström Download
Fractal Fighter June 19, 2007 "Cactus" Jonatan Söderström Download


Game Release date Author Download link
G-Style R (requires DXWnd to launch) 2010 WEVAquadrant Download
G-Type 2002 CncDarkside Download
GalaX 2003 masaHG Download
Galaxy Frontier 2014 Hello World Project, Alpha Secret Base Download
Galshell: Blood Red Skies (R-18G) 2004 Akiragoya Download
Galshell 2 (R-18G) 2011 Akiragoya Download
Galshell 2: Bullet Rain (R-18G) 2011 Akiragoya Download
Garden of Coloured Lights October 13, 2007 Linley Henzell Download
Gaurodan 2013 Locomalito Download
Gekidan Machina 2016 凍結 / HEY Download
GENETOS 2009 Tatsuya Koyama Download
Gensou Underworld Re:F/Rain March 28, 2009 Len Download (part 1) Download (part 2)
Globe Runner December 9th, 2017 Makoto Download
Globe Runner 2nd Planet December 27, 2021 Makoto Download
Glory of Deep Skies 2019 Τeam αlternative Σnding Download
Gothic Wa Mahou Otome (requires QooApp to be playable outside of Japan) 2015 CAVE Play Store


Graslay 2021 Ontake44 Download
Gradius - Trepedation February 28, 2013 Evil_Nazgul0616 Download
Gravitus Minus August 6, 2016 kometbomb Download
GR3 Re-Death (link to unfinished translation) 2001-2007 GR3 Project/Nigoro Download
Green Wind 2005 x.x Game Room Download
Guardian Sphere 2019 pixel-boy Download
Gunflame 2003 YUU Download
Gulu-Gulu Fighter November 8, 2020 ZAP Download
Gunroar June 18, 2005 Kenta Cho (ABA."Saba") Download
Gun Viper 2002 M. Nagahashi Download
Guxt 2007 Pixel Download
GwangeDash 2011 2ch? Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Halloween Itazura / お菓子くれなかったから街破壊しちゃうよっ! 2012 Inatsuka Haru Download
HELLBOUND (R-18G) 2005 Akiragoya Download
HishouAyu 2003 Tenkuudokei Download
Hollow Song of Birds 2019 Team Kaisendo Download
Hunters' Path Rebirth October 26, 2021 hwilson Download
Hydorah 2010 Locomalito Download
Hyper Princess Pitch 2011 Daniel Remar Download
Hypercosmic Rebound 2021 Niblet Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Idinaloq 1999 Namikaze Project Download
Illumination LASER (Sharp x68000) 2000 Terra Download
ILLUSION Super Dimension 2015 Enamel Download
ImageStriker July 15, 2016 Terarin Download
ImageStriker 2 August 05, 2017 Terarin Download
In Extremis November 16, 2016 LNDFRR Download
Infinite Blade Pavilion September 6, 2020 Len Download
Infinos + Extra Stage February 9, 2013; August 1, 2013 Picorinne Soft Download

Extra Download

Infinos 0 July 21, 2014 Picorinne Soft Download
Interpose 1996 Twilight Zone Software Download
Iron Shell 2 2006 かっしい Download
Iwanaga (Requires DXWnd to launch) November 27, 2007 Buster Download


Game Release date Author Download link
JiikUSA 2003 masa-u Download
Jigoku Kisetsukan: Sense of the Seasons 2015 Emad Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Kaikan (Freeware Ver.) 2013 Zakichi Download
Kamiha 2007 Tom Beaumont Download
KIRISAME BLADE 2014 Bikkuri Software Download
KIRISAME BLADE 2 2015 Bikkuri Software Download
Klorets / クロレッツ October 14, 2021 nizakashii Download
Kogeki January 25, 2017 Team Overloaded Download
Kyokugen 1997 M-KAI Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Last Defender 2004 Mig Perez (Migami) Download
Life Fortress Volcabamba 2010 Zakuro Fantasia Download
Little Gods Of Music November 20, 2023 Tousansons Download
Legacy Of The Elder Star June 7, 2016 Kickbomb Entertainment LLC Download
Legendary Wings 2013 Venom Team Download
Leiria -Stargazer- 2011 N-linear Download
LuftrauzerZ (Commodore 64) 2017 RGCD.DEV Download
Luna Child's Final Defense Line 3 2015 Enamel Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Machine Fantasy 2015 Mr. JX Download
Magical Singular Day 2011 Lidera Download
Magical Singular Day -Absolution- 2012 Lidera Download
Magic Vigilante 魔導自警隊 2023 nizakashii Download
Magic Of Stella: Star Shooter Revival March 31, 2015 Cloba.U Download
MaiMaiSTG: Pixel Snail Shooter March 11, 2022 maimai (@stainless_n) Download
Major Stryker January 23, 1993 Apogee Download
Makkigan March 31, 2019 GOTYO Download
Malice Eater 2015 Project Noise Download
Mayan Codex April 13, 2019 Dolly Download
Mecha Ritz February 16, 2015 HEY Download
Marsh 2010 yunfa -ゆんふぁ- Download
MECHANICAL STAR ASTRA (Demo A ver) 2020 boghog Download
Medicalat 2002-2003 OSABISI YU-KI Download
MIKI:WARS FINAL Oct 17, 2021 legasysware Download
MiniShooter 2005 Peposoft Download
MiniShooterRS Delta 2007 Peposoft Download
MinuBeat 2007 "Cactus" Jonatan Söderström Download
Moon Striker March 11, 2017 Terarin Download
Moral Minus 2002 Mikael Tillander Download
Murasaki October 16, 2014 Katatema Download

Steam (Paid, English Translation Included)

Murasaki Tsurugi March 18, 2018 Katatema Download

Steam (Paid, English Translation Included)

Mutants From The Deep 2021 Locomalito Download
My Little Pegasus: Kizuna DoPonyPachi 2012 Giest118 Download


Game Release date Author Download link
NEKOTOSAKANA January 13, 2022 nizakashii Download
Nightmare Trip October 26, 2018 Outside Sotonohito Download
Noiz2sa November 3, 2002 Kenta Cho (ABA."Saba") Download
Nomltest FS April, 2005 keim Download

English Manual


Game Release date Author Download link
OSP RAID November 27, 2016 ZAP Download
Odd Mobs -小怪奇- 2010 Gustav Download
O-DIVER December 30, 2019 Makoto Download
one-two + Cagar Label 2013 Naoh!, Cagar Download

Cagar Label Download

Odd Mobs Rainbow Label eXtra 2010-2011 Gustav Download
Odd Mobs Zero Arrange 2011-2012 Gustav Download
Osorubeshi! Xaklogian 2015 Zakuro Fantasia Download
Omega Blast 2018 Nendo Download
Omega Wing (Demo) June 2, 2022 The Prince Of Mars Download
Open Arms Maximum June 8th, 2022 Kanzaki Shintarou Download
Operation EGZA October 30, 2016 ZAP Download
Otsurugi November 8th, 2015 Makoto Download
Otsurugi 2 November 18, 2016 Makoto Download
Overgod May 30, 2007 Linley Henzell Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Pleasure Hearts 1999 M-KAI Download
ParoParo 2020 Ooe Download

Alternate Download

PARSEC47 November 29, 2003 Kenta Cho (ABA."Saba") Download
Patchouli (Touhou Suguri) 2009 KvLW Download
Patriot Dark 2007-2008 Temperance Lance Download
Perdition Sphere May 8, 2023 Aru/Winged Fox Download
Phantasmagoria Trues 2013 Len Download
Pink Rose Garden Touhou 2012 Giest118 Download
Precious Star December 29, 2015 Orchard Download
Project S.H.M.O.O.P October 13, 2016 Sinoc Download
Project V1 - Space Vampire Thriller April 25, 2022 Aru/Winged Fox Download
Protoganda: Strings October 25, 2007 "Cactus" Jonatan Söderström Download
Protoganda 2 January 30, 2008 "Cactus" Jonatan Söderström Download
Psyche Metal THE BLEEDING (R-18G) 2004 oda Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Radio Zonde 2002 Tonnor (aka Ruminant’s Whimper, aka Ranyon and others) Download

Stage 1 Graphics Fix

Rampage In The Sky December 1st, 2020 Makoto Download
Raijin Extra (雷迅 EXTRA) August 2, 2021 DATARTS Download
Reactivate Majestical Imperial October 2, 2014 Trick Nostalgie Download
Redneg December 31, 2016 Outside Sotonohito Download
Redneg 3Stars April 14, 2018 Outside Sotonohito Download
Redneg Allstars April 26, 2019 Outside Sotonohito Download
Redneg W December 31, 2016 Outside Sotonohito Download
REDPULSE September 09, 2017 Boghog Download
Red Orca 赤鯱 -Origin's Saga- May 21, 2020 Rolie Download
Reflection February 06, 1999 Ysuer Download
REVOLGEAR II -SECOND BRIGHTNESS- 2013 Bikkuri Software Download
REVOLGEAR II Ver. D Rev+EX 2014 Bikkuri Software, XYRS Download
R.G.B 2005 STG Download
Ring^-27 (Demo) 2011 Temperance Lance Download
Riverbed Soul Saver June 27, 2014 ido, Len Download
R.O.Z -RESTRAINT OF ZERO- June 29, 2004 Arue Download
rRootage March 16, 2003 Kenta Cho (ABA."Saba") Download
Ryosan-gata Saisho Heiki Dotechin (量産型最終兵器ドテチン) 2007 JMG Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Salamander NG 2014 Oblio Design Download
Sapphire Panlogism June 1, 2021 Team Urban Magic Download
Sengoku Youkai Daikassen 2011 吉田 Download
Servants Of Harvest Wish May 16, 2020 Dream Compass Download
Shift Roar Demo April 18, 2020 Team Overloaded Download
Shooting Game KARI August 4, 2022 SAEKI Soft Download
Shot03 - Gatling Venture 2011 SUZUKI PLAN Download
Shining Shooting Star 2016 雨夜枫雪制作组 Download
SideLine 1996 EMAG Download


Silent Gear October 6, 2023 Kanzaki Shintarou Download
Solid State Survivor July 11, 2012 Download
Some Unnamed Gradius Fangame 2013 (Unfinished) Evil_Nazgul0616


Sonic Ironstorm: Fatal Attack 2007 Astro Port Download
Sonic Sisters April 13, 2006 ZAP Download
Spellpaws December 15, 2023 Gengdi Download
SPITFIRE Paradise November 22, 2021 CROW'S NEST Download
Spolous January 10, 2021 Suppon Download
Star Claws Trilogy Arcade ???? 1CC Games Download
Stargunner November 19, 1996 Apogee Download
Starhall Redthel September 11, 2013 PteriForever Download
Starhall 2 - Arcrain November 11, 2014 PteriForever Download
Star Shooter Revival 2021 Stella Mahou Download
Star Wrecker November 11, 2017 Mr Frog Download
Storm Assault Cancelled STORM PROJECT Download
Storm Caliber Revival Edition'99 September 5, 1999 SRX Download
Storm Caliber Gaiden (Ver.0.385Beta) March 29, 2009 SRX Download
Storm Gear January 1, 2011 STORM PROJECT Download
Striker Wing November 18, 2017 Team Overloaded Download
Strike Witches STG 2009 Morihama Download
Super Space Ranger June 1, 2023 Kanzaki Shintarou Download
Suwako no Danmaku Pyonpyon Daisansaku (Suwapyon) 2010 UTG Software Download
Suwako-chan Cubic (Suwapyon 2) 2012 UTG Software Download
sweetsdigger (sega mega drive/genesis) 2021 tboddy Download
System 45 April 4, 2022 Kanzaki Shintarou Download
Space Pressure 3D: Prelude September 12, 2023 Maze Team Steam


Game Release date Author Download link
Tadpole Tales March 12, 2021 Pinnical Studio Download


Tank Domination 2006 Astro Port Download
TECHNO SYLPH -vsys gaiden- 2002 KBZ Download
Terra Feminarum February 28 2018 Polar Night Games Download
The Flying Pancake Octopus in Black Hole July 26, 2019 Vagues Download
The One Case March 24, 2009 闇乃悪魔 Download
The Under Stellar 2 2000 STUDiO B-ROOM Download
This is no Rose Garden 2002 Mikael Tillander Download
Thunder Faith 2011 YuYuSanSan Download
Tiny XEVIVOS 2013 Zakichi Download
TM Shooter cure black label 2015 daishihmr Download
Titanion November 23, 2006 Kenta Cho (ABA."Saba") Download
TranscendPang January 8 2012 MetaFormingPro Download
Transdimensional Hellspider April 20, 2010 Linley Henzell Download
Tri Focuser ~ Outside The Traditional World June 23, 2017 ido, raichu, Shijimi Nono Download
Trisker -トライスカ- November 19, 2016 Efesu -えふえす- Download
ToDonPachi Red Label January 4, 2016 Shooting Star Download
TOHO_FEVERON 2010 Ria Download
Tori-Tatsu I -Death Label- 2010 Sorafune Atelier Download
Torus Trooper November 11, 2004 Kenta Cho (ABA."Saba") Download
Touhou Fantasia / 东方梦想曲 July 20, 2019 SlimeSmile Download
Trigonometry Wars 3 Redux + Cagar Label March 12, 2013 Giest118, Cagar Download
Trigonometry Wars 4 2012 Giest118 Download
Tukiyono / 月夜野 May 25, 2022 nizakashii Download
TUMIKI Fighters April 3, 2004 Kenta Cho (ABA."Saba") Download
Twin Tiger Shark July 23, 2014 Mikael Tillander Download
Tyrian 2000 November 30, 1999 Eclipse Productions, Epic Megagames Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Urban Uprising - Dark New World 2005 Astro Port Download
UNIVERSE / グラディウス風stg -universe- 2023 Dar Indes Download
Unofficial Salamander 3 December 25, 2008 Ace9921



Game Release date Author Download link
Vacant Ark (Requires DXWnd to launch) 2005 Buster Download
Vastynex 2018 Zakichi Download
Verminest 2012 Locomalito Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Warmachine Overload 2005 Astro Port Download
Warning Forever 2004 Hikware Download
WexeW MexeM June 9, 2023 Zakichi Download
White Butterfly February 9, 2009 Linley Henzell Download
WINGED GEAR October 31, 2004 ZAP Download
Winglancer November 3, 2011 ZAP Download
Wonderful Waking World June 15, 2022 Oligarchomp Download Steam
WRATH (requires DXWnd to launch) 2005 HardUserK.I Download


Game Release date Author Download link
XED September 12, 2007 BomB Download
Xeno Fighters R 1998-2021+ Team XF Download
XOP Ultra 2002-2011 Christopher Emirzian Download
XOP Black Ultra 2008-2011 Christopher Emirzian Download
XCUTE(me) Demo 2021 K Murata Download
XYDONIA ???? Breaking Bytes Download


Game Release date Author Download link
Zakesta (Freeware Ver.) August 28, 2021 Zakichi Download
Zen-Ichi 2005 Equinox Download
Zenodyne 2014 March 25, 2014 Jack Darx (Team Grybanser Fox) Download
Zero Guard Demo November 4, 2020 Team Overloaded Download

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