DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm

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DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm

Title screen

Developer: IGS
Director: WHY
Producer: Vee
Program: Laisam
Hawk Chen
Swallow Yang
Designer: Yan [Bastard]
Release date: 2001

DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm is the third entry in the DonPachi series of shoot-em-ups, and the only title in the series not developed by CAVE. It was developed and released by International Game System(IGS) after obtaining a license to produce a new DoDonPachi game on PGM hardware. DoDonpachi II: Bee Storm was originally sold in Asian markets, like China and Korea, before being released in Japan in 2001.

This game deviates from the rest of the DonPachi series in a number of ways. There are changes to the combo system, ships/shot types, bomb mechanics, and scoring not found anywhere else in the series.

The success of DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm convinced CAVE, whom at the time was considering leaving the arcade business, to re-enter the arcade market. CAVE would go on to release the fourth entry in the DonPachi series, DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, one year later.[1]

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm is a three-button shooter.

There are six stages in the game, with a hidden extra stage accessible by achieving a given score in-game


  • A button (Press): Fires the standard "spread" Shot weapon.
  • A button(Hold): Fires the ship's "focus" Laser weapon (also surrounds the player with an Aura that deals damage).
  • B button(Bomb Type): Releases a spread Bomb, clearing the screen of bullets.
  • B button(Energy Type): Activates Energy Bomb, dealing large amounts of damage in a frontal line.
  • C button (Press/Hold): Auto-fire for the player's standard Shot

Only Available in Ver. 102

  • D button (Press): Cycles Options
  • Start button (Press): Cycles Options

Characters / Ships / Styles [2]

There are three ship types available in DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm.

Ship Shot Coverage Speed Laser Width Laser Activation Difficulty
Ddp2 type a.gif
Type A
270° Slow Wide Slow Easy
Ddp2 type b.gif
Type B
90° Fast Narrow Fast Hard
Ddp2 type c.gif
Type C
180° Medium Medium Medium Normal

Ship Types

  • Bomb Type: Normal DoDonPachi style spread bomb. Converts all bullets onscreen into point items, damages enemies, and makes the player invulnerable for a short period of time.
  • Energy Type: The Energy Type is similar to DoDonPachi's laser bomb. It uses an energy meter instead of bomb stock and can only be fired when the meter is fully charged. The meter is replenished by grazing enemy bullets. The same bullet can be grazed multiple times. The meter can be refilled during a use of an Energy Bomb. If enough bullets are grazed, another bomb will be fully charged after exiting the bomb animation. All Bomb Items are considered excess when playing as Energy Type, and will award the standard 50,000 points.

Items [3]

Item Description
DDP2 POWER.gif Power up
Increases the player's shot and laser power. Four level power-system. Always awards 50,000 points.?
DDP2 BOMB.gif Bomb
Adds a bomb. Initial stock varies by game revision or region?. Max stock is five. Always awards 50,000 points.?
DDP2 SMALL HIVE.gif Small Beehive Badge
Generally, dropped from small enemies and canceled bullets. Awards 2,000 points.
DDP2 MED HIVE.gif Medium Beehive Badge
Generally, dropped from medium enemies. Awards 10,000 points.
DDP2 LARGE HIVE.gif Large Beehive Badge
Usually found by bombing certain areas of a stage, or destroying a part of a boss. Awards 100,000 points.
DDP2 BEE.gif Bee
Created from canceled enemy bullets when using Bomb Type. Also, triggered by performing certain actions in-game. Awards 20,000 points.
DDP2 MAX POWER.gif Max Power
Grants max power, only appears after the player loses their last life.
DDP2 1UP.gif 1UP
A hidden extend that can be obtained under certain conditions.


Taken verbatim from Pearl's Bee Storm TAS video description, available on youtube.

"So some scoring info : Graze gives 10,000 points per graze, Aura hits give 10,000 points per hit.

Chaining is very different here compared to DDP, Your chain bleeds if it drops rather than going to 0 similarly to DFK if you dont have a hyper in stock.

?Your chain increases weirdly as well; your shot gives a hit per shot hit? damage dealt? It's hard to tell and it feels like you're limited by the amount of hits you can get regardless of how many things you're hitting with your shot.?

Laser aura gives far more hits and does less damage per hit given (155 damage compared to ~300 from afar); it's best used in a big clump of enemies and large enemies.

Your chain gauge is also backwards from DDP; killing with laser gives a lot more gauge than shot.

The hits themselves are the score this time around, it's HIT x 10 points per hit. so at 9,999 hits you get 99,990 points per hit. On bosses, certain phases are what I call "frenzy" phases, and you're awarded multiple hits per hit tic. Upwards of 10 per hit.

In these cases, assuming these hits are done with aura, the score calculation is (HIT x 10 + 10000) x HitPerTic. So at 10 hits per tic at max combo, you get 1.3 million points per 155 damage dealt." [4]

The easiest way to score is to go through each stage trying to get a very high combo multiplier, and then scratching the boss with the Laser’s Aura for huge score bonuses.[3]

Scratch Bombing

Another key technique in scoring, and even survival, is to build up another Energy bar while simultaneously using a Laser Bomb. During a Laser Bomb, coming into contact with a bullet will cancel it, both due to the Laser Bomb itself, and the invulnerability of bombing, but, if a player approaches at the right angles, they can register a scrape against the bullets before they are canceled. The game continues to register these scratches, and once the Laser Bomb has finished, will properly add them to the energy bar, meaning that it is possible to “stock” another Laser Bomb while one is being fired. Because of the large amount of hits the Laser Bomb can generate in a very short amount of time, this is a crucial technique for building large chains to “cash in” during the boss battles.[3]


See (Template Page)/Strategy for stage maps, enemy and boss descriptions, walkthroughs, and advanced play strategies.


Bee Storm is full of little secrets that can be worth a good amount of points. For example, destroying the four bee enemies before Taisabachi in the first stage will cause the boss to spew out bee icons every time it’s hit. Combined with the ability to destroy bits and pieces of the boss (in this case its wings), players can milk out a good five or six hundred thousand points just from the bee icons (in addition to scratching the bullets for 10,000 points each). Destroying the individual parts of a boss will not only add a set amount to the player’s score, but will also convert all bullets on the screen into different sizes of beehive badges (it depends on the boss and part destroyed). Destroying all parts of a boss may also cause “B” or “P” items to spawn as well, so it’s very beneficial to dismantle each boss piece by piece. If playing as a Bomb type, even more secrets can be uncovered. Bombing in certain areas can cause a fountain of golden bees to pour out, and bombing again will turn those 20,000 point bee icons into 100,000 point beehive items. Additionally, certain enemies will turn all onscreen bullets into small beehive badges when destroyed, and is best to destroy them when the screen is full of bullets to maximize the number badges it creates.[3]


There is a hidden extend available on stage four. It can be accessed by, first, destroying each of the first series of fence posts encountered. Destruction of the actual fence sections are not required to trigger the extend, only the posts. Then, you must destroy the spider encountered shortly after. It is hidden behind a wall and will drop the games only extend. There are no scoring extends.[5]

True last stage & TLB

The true last stage and the TLB (Unknown) are accessible after finishing the sixth stage, if the player gets at least 400,000,000 points. This value can be changed in the PGM settings.


Stage 1: Waking of Insects[2]



新型戰機完成,為測試新兵器的性能,我們 以電腦模擬出敵軍最強大的鬼畜兵器,展開



怒首領蜂的最後魔王,敵軍最強大的 惡夢兵器


"Insects waking up from sleep. This means that the Leader Bee has been reborn after its last defeat. The new fighter jet was completed. In order to test the performance of the new weapon, we used computers to simulate the enemy's most powerful weapon and launched simulated combat missions.

[Leader Bee] Nightmare:

The last demon king of the angry leader bee, the enemy's most powerful nightmare weapon.

Purification: Defeat the leader bee and purify this space."

Stage 2: Attack [2]


完成測試之後,雷達發現敵軍迅速的在包圍 我方的秘密基地,正在進行攻擊前的準備, 我們需在敵軍的包圍網尚未形成之前,快速 的突圍,完成緊急出擊的任務。

【巡弋工蜂】 戰慄:

擔任敵軍巡邏警戒任務的量產型殺戮兵器, 其殘虐程度令我軍聞之喪膽。


"Complete the preparations and start combat. After completing the test, Radar realized that enemy forces were rapidly surrounding the secret base. Our secret base is being prepared for an attack. We need to quickly break through the enemy net before it is formed, and complete the mission of emergency attack."

[Patrolling Worker Bee] Trembling:

A mass-produced killing weapon responsible for patrolling and guarding the enemy. Its brutality makes our army horrified.

Success: Successfully completed the emergency mission.

Stage 3: Soar [2]

"高空作戰,如大空之鷹般,對敵人展開無情 的獵食。

在緊急出擊完成之後,緊接著面對的是敵軍 的空中主力艦隊,欲生存下來的路只有一條 ,就是作戰、勝利。

【六角蜂巢】 天羅:

六角造型的敵軍空中指揮要塞,以全方位的 網狀攻擊聞名於我軍。


"Fight at high altitude, like an eagle in the ky, ruthlessly hunting the enemy. After the emergency sortie is completed, the enemy's main air fleet is faced immediately. There is only one way to survive, which is to fight and win.

[Hexagonal Beehive] Skyro:

A hexagonal shaped enemy air command fortress. It is famous for its omni-directional net-like attack. Crossing: Crossing the enemy's main air fleet."

Stage 4: Invasion [2]


逃避無法解決問題,了解到這一點的我們, 決定主動出擊,來到了敵軍集結的都市外圍 ,如銅牆鐵壁的防禦武力,唯有從外側引起 騷動,將所有的駐軍引出基地才有機會入侵。

【獵殺狂蜂】 地網:

擅長佈設網狀陷阱,獵殺我軍,當其陷入不 利的戰況時,會陷入瘋狂的狀態,狂亂攻擊。


"The invasion of a city on the outskirts of an enemy stronghold. The problem cannot be solved by escaping. Knowing this, we decide to take the initiative and arrived at the outskirts of the city where the enemy troops were gathered. The defensive force was like a copper wall. Only by causing a commotion from the outside and drawing all the garrison troops out of the base could we have a chance to invade.

[Killing Bee] Ground Net:

It specializes in laying net-like traps to kill our troops, and when it is caught in an unfavorable situation, it will fall into a state of madness and attack wildly. When they are caught in an unfavorable situation, they will go crazy and attack wildly.

Retrieve: Retrieve a city that has been captured by the enemy."

Stage 5: Imprisonment [2]


在進入基地之前,唯有先將敵人的軍隊生產 設備無力化,才有勝利的希望,抱持著這種 想法,我們潛入到敵軍的工廠中,展開無情 的破壞,在此我們得知了令人震驚的事實, 所有的機械化部隊,皆是由地球上的生物改 造而來,無辜的生命被改造成殺戮的工具, 聽見他們來自靈魂深處的哀嚎,令我們感到 十分的痛心,讓我們以破壞的紅連之焰,解 放這些被禁錮的靈魂吧!

【裝甲雄蜂】 驚愕:

由敵軍科技創造出的最新銳型戰機,以強大 的裝甲,高速的動作,配合超強的火力,對 我軍造成超乎想像以上的損失。


"Free the enemy's bioweapons. Before entering the base, the only way to win is to disable the enemy's production equipment. With this in mind, we infiltrated the enemy's factories and carried out relentless sabotage, where we learned the shocking truth. All the mechanized troops are made from earthly creatures, innocent beings transformed into killing machines. Hearing their wails from the depths of their souls is very saddening. Let us use the destructive Flame of the Red Company to free these imprisoned souls!

Armored Bee: Shock and awe:

The latest cutting-edge fighter plane created by enemy technology, with powerful armor, high-speed movements, and superb firepower, causing more damage than imaginable to our troops.

Liberate: Liberate creatures controlled by enemy forces.

Stage 6: The End [2]


來到基地的內部,所有的敵軍精銳集結於此 ,奮戰至此的我們也不是好惹的,前進吧!


【母體蜂后】 深藍:

敵軍表面上的首腦,超強的人工智能,操控 著敵軍得一切行為。


"The prelude to the end of the war, defeat the enemy leader. When we come to the interior of the base, all the enemy elites have gathered here. We, who have fight so hard, are not easy to mess with. Let's move forward! The peace of the earth is in our hands.

[Mother Queen Bee] Deep Blue:

The apparent leader of the enemy army, super artificial intelligence, controlling all the enemy's actions.

Defeat: Defeat the enemy's leader.

Stage 7: The Truth [2]


結束了嗎?將首腦擊敗的我們心中,充滿著 疑惑。

是否還有更強大的邪惡意志,潛藏在真相之 後。

【未知秘蜂】 陰霾:

敵軍真正的首腦,在暗地裡聚集能量,等待 進化的時刻。當其由幼蟲進化為完全體時, 人類將陷入有史以來最大的浩劫。


"The culprit of the war and the real leader of the enemy. Is it over? After defeating the leader, we are filled with doubts. Is there a more powerful evil will hidden behind the truth?

[Unknown Secret bee] Haze:

The real leader of the enemy is gathering energy in the dark, waiting for the moment of evolution. When it evolves from a larva to its full form, mankind will fall into the greatest catastrophe in history.

The End: End of the war.

Development History

If available, you can include information here about the hardware, the development of the game, and its general reception. Try to have as much information in this section cited as possible.

Version Differences

DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm has three revisions and six region variants:


  1. ver. 100
  2. ver. 101
  3. ver. 102

There are a number of minor differences between ver. 100 and ver. 102. They include recolored sprites, slightly different enemy spawns, and minor graphical changes.? Some of these changes are only present in a specific region and revision.

There is also one major change in game play. Ver. 102 adds an extra action button, turning the game into a four-button shooter. The extra action is assigned to both "Start" and "Button 4". It allows the player to cycle through the option formations available to the other two ships. The order that the options cycle through are Type-A -> Type-B -> Type-C, and start on the player’s initial ship choice.?Ver. 101 specific changes are not known at this time.?


  1. China
  2. Taiwan
  3. Korea
  4. World
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Japan

DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm supports four languages: Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean. The interface language depends on the protection chip inside the game cartridge, which provides region information. In addition, the game's title, stage names and boss names are also altered depending on the region.?


  • The stage 0 Boss (Nightmare) is highly based on Hachi from DoDonPachi 1997, as well the bosses Deep-Fear (Suzaku), Dragnet (Kakou) and Snare (Raikou).
  • Altho the announcer voice lines are from DoDonPachi 1997, the "Ready?" voice line is exclusive to this game.


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