DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver1.51

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DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver1.51[edit]

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DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver 1.51 is a special revision of DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver1.5 made for the 2010 Cave Matsuri. It was never released for arcades but became accessible to the public after its release as DLC for the X360 port and came bundled with the PC port. Despite what the name implies, it is not meant to be an updated version of DaiFukkatsu 1.5 but more of an arrange mode version of the game. This version plays very similarly to DaiFukkatsu 1.5 with some changes such as the removal of the second loop with the player always facing Golden Disaster after the fifth stage and more.

Gameplay Overview[edit]


  • A (Press): Fires the ship's standard shot weapon
  • A (Hold): Fires the ship's laser weapon
  • B: Activates the hyper counter if it is fully charged. If a hyper isn't charged, a bomb will activate (Bomb and Strong Style) or switch between Normal and Boost modes (Power Style)
  • C: Auto-fire for the standard shot

Ships / Styles[edit]

You can pick to play as any combination of 3 ship types and 3 styles.


  • Type-A: Strong focused shot straight forward, fastest movement speed
  • Type-B: Slightly spread out shot which rotates towards your horizontal movement (up to 45 degrees), average movement speed
  • Type-C: Wide spread out shot, slowest movement speed


  • Bomb: 3 shots, moderate shot and laser power. A stock of 3 bombs (increases by 1 on death up to 6) which can be used at will or as auto-bombs when hit.
  • Power: No bomb stock (one bomb item can be picked up and used only as an auto-bomb) but has two different attack modes, Normal and Boost. Normal mode has 2 shots, low shot and laser power and increased movement speed. Boost mode has 4 shots, high shot power, moderate laser power and lowered movement speed.
  • Strong: 6 shots, moderate shot power and high laser power. Works same as the Bomb style in most other ways, although, auto-bombing has an increased cost of 2 bombs.

Changes from DaiFukkatsu 1.5[edit]

  • The amount of buttons the game uses has been decreased from 4 to 3. Hypers are now activated by pressing the bomb button.
  • Second loop has been removed; Player will always face Golden Disaster after Stage 5. Hibachi can be faced as well but has requirements
  • Game is locked into Ura route (DDP bosses and 9 bees each stage) even if the player fails any of the Ura route requirements.
  • Green Bees give bombs and Gold Bees give hyper charge (flashing gives both)
  • Bees only give 100pts no matter what color they are when collected
  • Maximum Bonus multiplier limit has been increased due to the higher amount of bombs the player can receive while playing
  • Pentagon medals no longer give points, but instead give hyper charge
  • Hyper rank now scales up to 9
  • Increasing your hyper rank to 7 changes enemy behavior to Omote loop during Hyper
  • Maxing out hyper rank increases overall game difficulty to Ura loop
  • Hyper rank resets after stage completion
  • Strong Style auto-bomb costs two bombs instead of one. Bomb Style auto-bomb still only costs one bomb.
  • Bombs no longer break chains
  • Bombs now give score equivalent to the GP meter. Multiplied per laser being countered.
  • Bombs temporarily increases the maximum GP value above +99,999,999 during its activation time (this can visibly be seen on the X360 port)
  • Lasering increases hit count every 5 frames normally and every 2 frames during hyper (significantly faster than 1.5, which increases every 37 frames normally and every 7 frames during hyper)
  • Lasering increases GP value every frame instead of when the hit count increases.
  • The amount of bullets required to spawn a Jikuukou enemy has been significantly lowered
  • Jikuukou enemies now release a lot more revenge bullets from their laser depending on rank (blue bullets = low/medium rank, pink bullets = high rank) [not 100% sure if rank is true factor here, just going off personal experience]
  • Jikuukou lasers turn into large star medals when a hyper is deactivated (whether it’s charge is depleted or cancelled with a bomb)
  • Bomb items now completely refill bomb stock
  • Combo gauge no longer breaks if hyper gauge is full (will still break upon death)
  • Full hyper gauge multiplier has been completely removed


Scoring is where this mode truly differs from 1.5. While it uses 1.5 as a foundation for its scoring system, 1.51 is drastically different when playing for score. This mainly comes from the fact that bombing not only keeps your chain going, but also gives you points based on your current GP value (the number that has a plus sign before it) as long as it is damaging an enemy. This is also multiplied when the bomb is countering lasers. Laser enemies tend to be weak, so players usually save their bombs for bosses as they also have more health and shoot a numerous amount of lasers. Bomb pickups also completely refill your bomb stock, so try and delay picking it up to be able to bomb the boss even more times.

Also returning from 1.5, is the maximum bonus. The maximum bonus continuously gives you points as long as you have it (outside of boss battles). In 1.51, due to the increase in the amount of bombs the player can pick up, the limit for the maximum bonus' mutliplier has been increased to x50 [Editor's note: unconfirmed, will have to double-check the limit in-game].



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