DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver1.0

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DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver 1.0[edit]

DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver 1.0 is the first public version of the game to be released in 2008. However, it was removed from the arcades a few months later due to a number of problems, and replaced with Ver1.5, which is now the definitive version of the game. Due to this, it's extremely hard to access the version of the game without the use of emulation. This version of the game will be referred to as "DFK 1.0" in this guide.


DFK 1.0 allows you to choose between three ships -- Type-A Do-NX-SF-25B Struggle Fighter “DELTASWORD”, Type-B Do-NX-AH-16B Assault Helicopter “BIAXE”, and Type-C Do-NX-FB-72D Fighting Bomber “SPEARHEAD”) -- and styles that augment your ship in additional ways -- Bomb, Power, and Strong. Type-A is a red ship with fast speed, and narrow shot range, Type-B is a green helicopter with medium speed, and good shot range, and Type-C is a blue ship with the slowest movement speed, but has the widest shot range of the three.

Bomb Style will give you the feeling of playing traditional DoDonPachi games, giving you decent firepower and bombs. Power Style is a unique style that gives the player two different "power" types -- Normal and Boost. Normal gives you weaker firepower than Bomb, but much faster movement speed, while Boost will give you more firepower, and slower speed. Strong Style is the beefed-up version of Bomb Style, giving you more firepower and a bigger laser, in exchange for being the slowest moving out of the three.

The Type-B ship and the Strong Style in DFK 1.0 will not be available at the start, and must be unlocked by unlocking codes in order to access them.

To unlock the Type-B ship:

  • Insert coin
  • Player 2: Hold down A, B & D
  • Player 1: Press B, C, B, A, D, Down, Up, A, A, D, D, C, C, B, B, Left, Left, A, Right, Left, Left, Left

To unlock Strong style:

  • Insert coin
  • Player 2: Hold down A, B & C
  • Player 1: Press D, A, D, C, B, D, Up, B, B, Left, Down, Right, C, D, B, A, Right, Right, A, D

(By default, A: Shot/Laser, B: Bomb, C: Shot Auto-Fire, D: Hyper Counter)

When you kill an enemy, your chain meter (GP Meter) will increase. If the chain meter is empty, and your Hyper Gauge is full, your chain will be broken. If the Hyper Gauge isn't full when your GP Meter is empty, your chain will instead drop rapidly. Killing an enemy with Shot will fill up the chain meter more than Laser, while lasering an enemy will hold the chain meter by about 10%, which will prevent the chain from breaking (as long as your Laser is trained on an enemy).

The game has the Hyper Counter ability, functionally similar to the previous game DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou, but with the ability to cancel enemy bullets with your Shot. You will be able to activate Hyper once you fill up the meter through killing enemies, lasering enemies, and point-blanking. Point-blanking in DFK refers to getting close to the enemy and hitting it with both your Laser and your Laser's Aura, dealing massive damage while also quickly filling up your Hyper Gauge. With Hyper Counter active, your firepower will increase massively, your Shot and Laser's visuals will change, and you will gain more hits overall, while lasering will rapidly increase your GP Meter. Your GP Meter will also be refilled to full when activating Hyper Counter, and when it is deactivated.

Hyper Rank exists in this game. The more Hyper Counters you use, the higher the rank will get. Each time you use a Hyper, the rank will increase by 1, and it will max out at 5. The higher the rank, the faster the enemies shoot, and the harder it is to cancel the bullets. You can reduce the rank by dying, or bombing in 2nd loop (which we will talk about shortly) -- either one of them will reduce Hyper rank by 1.

As with other versions of the game, DFK 1.0 has five stages, and each stage has two different routes (Omote and Ura), accessible by accomplishing certain tasks in-game. The Ura routes of stages are better for scoring, due to a higher amount of bee items and enemies with higher overall value than the Omote route. It also replaces the DFK midbosses with the bosses from DoDonPachi, albeit with much lower health, but much nastier patterns. By default, you will play the Omote version of the stages, however you can access the Ura versions by doing one of two things:

  • Destroy three silos before the big tanks run them over in Stage 1 without dying, and you will enter the Ura route.
  • Collect all Bee items in 2 stages (it does not have to be consecutively; for example, if you get all of the bees from stage 1, and stage 4, then you will enter the Ura version of stage 5) without dying.

Once you enter the Ura route, you will stay on it in later stages if you don't bomb or die during the DoDonPachi midbosses.

Like the predecessors, DFK 1.0 has a second loop. And like Ketsui, it has two different versions, which will also be referred as Omote and Ura. The requirements for accessing the Ura version is the same as Ketsui: No Miss No Bomb the first loop. You can enter the Omote loop by either no-missing or no-bombing the first loop. Unlike Ver1.5, the bee items don't seem to be needed to enter the second loop. Omote loop will feature less bullets than Ura, and with DFK midbosses instead of DoDonPachi midbosses, and you will only face Taisabachi/Golden Disaster in the end. Ura loop features more bullets, DoDonPachi midbosses, and Taisabachi with the one fiery angry bee, Hibachi, the True Last Boss of DFK.


DFK 1.0 uses the Get Point System (GPS) like all the other DoDonPachi games (chain the enemies for accumulated scores). However, DFK also includes an additional mechanic unique to it: Hidden Multiplier (HD), which is tied to having a full Hyper Meter and a high amount of Hits in your chain. In order to properly explain what HD does, I will bring up an example: You have 10000 points in your GPS, and you see an enemy with a 300 point worth. So normally if you destroy it you will gain 10300 points, and your GPS will be increased by 300 points. However, when you have HD active, you will gain twice the amount of score, so you will gain 20600 points, and you GPS will be increased by 600 points instead.

Remember that in order to take advantage of this scoring system, you need to have a full Hyper Meter, and you must not actively be in Hyper Counter mode. The amount of points that you receive will be multiplied by the amount of hits in your chain:

  • 0-5000 Hits: x2
  • 5000-7000 Hits: x3
  • 7000-10000 Hits: x4
  • 10000+ Hits: x5

Because of this, gaining a large amount of hits, killing high value enemies while having HD active, then chaining the rest of the stage without activating Hyper Counter, is the way to score huge points in DFK 1.0.

High value enemies include:

  • Stage 1 -- The big tanks at the start in the silo section
  • Stage 2 -- The big ships at the start
  • Stage 3 -- The big blue ships and big yellow ships
  • Stage 4 -- The big black ships and the laser towers
  • Stage 5 -- The laser cannon at the start, and the big black ships near the end


  • Auto-bomb does not exist in DFK 1.0, except when you are playing Power style and in Normal Mode (You will still die when you are in Boost).
  • You charge up Hyper way slower in DFK 1.0 compared to Ver1.5.
  • Lots of enemies' values have been changed in Ver1.5. For example, the laser cannons at the start of stage 5 -- in 1.0 they are worth 500000 points, but in 1.5, they are only worth 50000 points.
  • It's possible to counter-stop DFK 1.0 by simply learning to full-chain Stage 1-5 on the Ura route.
  • Bee items in DFK 1.0 will not refill your chain meter like in 1.5.
  • Power Style in 1.0 is quite underpowered compared to in 1.5 because in Boost Mode, your bullet canceling ability is terrible (even worse than Bomb style), and cancelled bullets will not increase your Hyper Gauge, practically making the style unplayable in the second loop.
  • Taisabachi/Golden Disaster doesn't have a lot of health in DFK 1.0 compared to 1.5.
  • Due to a design oversight, there are safespots in the TLB Hibachi fight, which makes the fight much easier than intended.
  • Hibachi's final pattern in 1.0 is different than it is in 1.5.
Hibachi's safespot during the second pattern
Hibachi's safespot during the final pattern