Detana!! TwinBee

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Detana!! TwinBee
Detana title screen.png

Title screen

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Director: Masato Ohsawa
Music: Hidenori Maezawa
Michiru Yamane
Masae Nakashima
Program: Toru Shimomura
Art: Ryouhei Shogaki
Hiroyuki Ashida
K. Ishimoto
Shūjirō Hamakawa
Release date: Arcade:February 1991
PC Engine: February 28, 1992
PS1/Saturn:September 29, 1995
PSP: January 25, 2007
PS4/Switch: January 16, 2020
Previous game: Thunder Cross II
Next game: Crisis Force

Detana!! TwinBee (Japanese: 出たな!! ツインビー "Here Comes TwinBee!!") is a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up developed and published by Konami in 1991. It is the second of three arcade games from the series following TwinBee.

The game received ports on PC Engine, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PlayStation Portable; with a recent port on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

It was localized overseas under the title Bells & Whistles.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview


Detana!! TwinBee is a 2-button shooter. There are 7 stages, completing all of them enters loop 2.

  • A button: Fires the player's main weapon. Holding down the A button releases a charge shot.
  • B button: Fires the player's ground bomb (losing both arms disables the bomb).


Bells are hidden within floating clouds, they can be uncovered by firing at the clouds. Ground Bells, GwinBee, Lucky Stars, and Fruit appear by destroying ground enemies.

Detana yellow bell.png
Yellow Bell
Score item. Value increases with subsequent collection: 500 > 1000 > 2,500 > 5,000 > 10,000. Value resets when a Yellow Bell goes off screen or upon death.
Detana white bell.png
White Bell
Upgrades the players shot to a twin cannon.
Detana blue bell.png
Blue Bell
Increases the player's speed. Can be equipped up to 5 times.
Detana green bell.png
Green Bell
Creates 3 duplicates of the player's ship.
Detana red bell.png
Red Bell
Adds a shield barrier.
Detana purple bell.png
Purple Bell
Adds a shield to the player's duplicates.
Detana black bell.png
Black Bell
Reduces the player's speed.
Detana ground bell.png
Ground Bell
Upgrades the player's shot to a 3-way shot.
Detana fruit.png
Ground item worth 50, 100, or 200 points.
Detana lucky star.png
Lucky Star
Clears all on-screen enemies except for bosses.
Detana gwinbee.png
Adds a helper ship to the player's main ship. Can only take 1 hit.
Detana ambulance.png
Repairs the player's arms. Both arms can also be repaired through clearing a stage.

The bell cycle starts at yellow. Hitting a Yellow Bell five times will make it advance to the next color. Every 5 hits will advance the bell to the next color.

Bell Cycle
Detana yellow bell.png
Detana white bell.png
Detana yellow bell.png
Detana blue bell.png
Detana yellow bell.png
Detana green bell.png
Detana yellow bell.png
Detana red bell.png
Detana yellow bell.png
Detana purple bell.png
Detana yellow bell.png
Detana black bell.png

Extra Lives

The player recieves no extra lives throughout the entire game.


Detana!! TwinBee ends after the second loop. There are no requirements, so upon beating stage 1-7 the player will always enter 2-1.

The player retains all Power Ups.



Regional/Version Differences