Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons/Video Index

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Player Score Platform Ship Stage Video Comment
NRK 26,818,090 Arcade Ferious 2-All Youtube Highest score on video (World record: 29,837,260 by G.M.C.説教T.H(的)
NRK 25,493,080 Arcade Schwarz 2-All Youtube
Alfarabi 24,413,650 Arcade Serene 2-All Youtube Western record
RZM 24,197,550 Arcade Ferious 2-All Youtube
Ben 20,341,600 Arcade Altair 2-All Nico 1 2 3 4
SDD-楓 18,873,040 Arcade Vais 2-All Youtube
luy 17,497,560 Arcade Ferious 2-4 Youtube
SLK 16,240,770 Arcade Ferious 2-All Youtube Live broadcast(2022.11.08)
Raisonnable 15,738,400 Arcade Schwarz 2-4 Youtube This player got a 23,237,640 2-All with Ferious but no video
Trizeal 15,677,280 Arcade Ferious 2-All Youtube
Alfarabi 11,769,930 Arcade Vais 2-2 Youtube
M. Knight 11,521,430 Arcade Ferious 2-3 Youtube
SLK 10,440,940 Arcade Schwarz 2-3 Youtube
Chinopolis 9,616,470 Arcade Ferious 2-3 Youtube
BAF 9,579,900 Arcade Ferious 2-2 Youtube
Rezardi 8,800,430 Arcade Ferious 2-3 Youtube
PEP 7,719,270 Arcade Ferious 2-3 Youtube

Cyvern Plus

Player Score Platform Ship Stage Video Comment
NRK 47,172,100 Arcade Schwarz 2-All Youtube
NRK 41,104,500 Arcade Altair 2-All Youtube