Crimzon Clover

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(NOTE: This page is currently very incomplete and needs expansion!)

Crimzon Clover / Crimzon Clover: WORLD IGNITION[edit]

Crimzon Clover (クリムゾンクローバー) is a indie vertical shooting game developed by YOTSUBANE and released in 2011 for Windows PCs. An arcade version was released in 2013, and an updated version of the game, known as Crimzon Clover: WORLD IGNITION, was released in 2014 on Steam and GOG. It focuses on the destruction of a mechanical army known as the Gorgoneion, and their new doomsday weapon known as the Crimson Heart. The primary focus with the game's overall gameplay is on utilizing homing lock-on shots -- which activate a score multiplier -- and a hyper system mechanic known as Break Mode and Double Break Mode.


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