Crimzon Clover

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This wiki page focuses on the original doujin release, please see the page for World Ignition / EXplosion for info pertaining to that version.

Crimzon Clover

Title screen

Developer: Yotsubane
Music: potechi
Release date: Doujin: January 11, 2011 (PC)
For NESiCAxLive: 2013 (Arcade)
World Ignition: June 6, 2014 (PC)
World EXplosion: October 29, 2020 (NS), December 6, 2021 (PC)

Crimzon Clover (クリムゾンクローバー) is a doujin vertical shooting game developed by YOTSUBANE (CLOVER-TAC) and released in 2011 for Windows PCs. An arcade version (For NESiCAxLive) was released in 2013, and an updated retail version of the game, known as Crimzon Clover: World Ignition, was released in 2014 on Steam and GOG, then followed by Crimzon Clover: World EXplosion for Nintendo Switch in 2020, and Steam in 2021.

The game focuses on the destruction of a mechanical army known as the Gorgoneion, and their new doomsday weapon known as the Crimson Heart. The primary focus with the game's overall gameplay is on utilizing homing lock-on shots -- which activate a score multiplier -- and a hyper system mechanic known as Break Mode and Double Break Mode.


Button Function
Auto-fires the player's primary weapon.
If the player is shooting while B (Lock-On) is held, their shot range will narrow closer to the center.
Lock-On (CANCEL)
Hold to open lock-on field. Release to fire homing lasers at targets.
Movement speed is reduced while Locking-On.
A multiplier will activate based on number of lock-ons.
Bomb / Break
Releases a Bomb that deletes all bullets on screen and deals heavy damage to on-screen enemies.
Using a bomb will increase the amount of Break Gauge required to use another.
In Original and Unlimited, pressing C with a full Break Gauge will activate Break Mode or Double Break Mode.



Type-I is a general all-rounder ship featuring a wide shot and quick lock-ons.
It has a slow movement speed and is not particularly powerful but can play a simple but effective game.

Ship Functions Specs
Ship Speed Slow
Attack Width Wide; narrow when locked-on.
Attack Strength Weak
Lock-on Speed Fast


Type-II is a technical ship that uses tracing options that follow the path of the player.
They can be locked into place while Locking-On, allowing creativity in option setups.

Ship Functions Specs
Ship Speed Average
Attack Width Variable; Trace options can be locked in place.
Attack Strength Average
Lock-on Speed Average


Type-Z is basically a beefed-up Type-I; it features greater fire power, more options, and moves faster, but scores lower than the other ships.
It is not available by default, and must be purchased in the Limiter Shop with the Stars accumulated through play.

Ship Functions Specs
Ship Speed Average
Attack Width Wide; narrow when locked-on.
Attack Strength Average
Lock-on Speed Fast


Basic description of mode here.




Basic description of mode here.




Basic description of mode here.



Time Attack

Basic description of mode here.



Differences between World Ignition

  • Break Gauge charges faster, and Break Mode and Double Break Mode last longer. They are also invulnerable for even longer.
  • Enemy HP balance is different. Enemies in the original doujin release typically have less HP.
  • There are many more extends, and they are gained from score value instead of star value like in World Ignition.
  • Enemy layouts are different.
  • Type-Z is far more overpowered, and its Break Gauge builds considerably higher than the other two ships.
  • In Unlimited mode, you only get bullet cancels with the lock shot if it's a full lock.
  • There is a lot more slowdown.


  1. Primary info provided by CHA-STG
  2. Thanks to ASE-SOT and moglar5k in the STG Rev. 2020 Discord for providing info on the doujin version of the game!