Blue Wish Resurrection Plus

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Blue Wish Resurrection Plus
BWRP Start Screen.jpg

Start Screen

Developer: x.x
Official site: Non available
Release date: PC Mar 11th, 200
Previous game: Eden's Edge
Next game: Eden's Aegis

Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (or BWRP), is the 5th game created by x.x game room, and indie shmup developer. Their games are very heavily inspired by Cave's design philosophy. This game in particular has a lot of similar bullet and ship designs as the DoDonPachi series. It was released on PC as free software, and it's the third game in the Blue Wish series

The game can be downloaded here

Gameplay Overview

BWRP is a vertical scrolling bullet-hell shmup with many design cues taken by Cave games, as many shot types, enemy formations and bullet patterns. It has up to 5 levels of power up, and the player can hold up to 6 bombs. There are 2 shot types, focus shot and unfocused shot. By mashing the Shot button or holding the Auto-Shot button, the player will do their unfocused shot, and when the Shot button is held, the player will do their focused shot, and the ship's speed will drop, while also revealing its hitbox, much like other indie shmups like the Touhou series.

The game has by default a "Guard" mechanic put in place which can be turnt off in the options menu. When the player is hit, if they have at least one bomb in stock, a shield will cover them for a while, at the cost of one bomb.

Bombs are either big blasts that cover a portion of the screen (Unfocused), or increase the range and damage of the shot types (Focused), depending on when the player bombs.

The game has 3 difficulties:

Heaven: Akin to Novice Mode in other shmups. Heaven BWRP are one of the better shmups for complete beginners of the genre.

Original:The base difficulty of the game.

Hell:Acts like the Ultra setting in the Mushihimesama games, with a substantial increase in enemy bullets.

There are no loops to be found, and the game has only 5 stages. If the player clears the game on Hell difficulty on one credit, they'll fight the Last True Boss of the game.

The player starts with 3 total lives. The player can gain one extend after every 5 Million points


Note: Ship stats are rough stimates until more concrete data is found. Research needed.

Blue Wish Unfocused Focused Damage
BWRP Blue Wish.png Spread Narrow Average

Unfocused Shot: Sends shots to all directions at a 90° angle

Focus Shot: Concentrates its fire to the center, with the options moving clockwise around the front of the ship.

The titular ship is very similar to the Type C ship in DoDonPachi games, with a wide shot for its unfocused shot, and narrow array for its focused shot. It is a very easy ship to use, but its damage is overall lackluster when compared to other ships.

Blue Hope Unfocused Focused Damage
BWRP Blue Hope.png Semi-Spread Narrow High

Unfocused Shot: Fires both linear shots to the center while options wiggle left and right to spread bullets

Focused Shot: Sends bullets to the center of the screen while options shot lasers to the sides.

Blue Hope has very little spread on its unfocused shot, but both shots have good firepower, making this ship the most damaging one no matter the situation. Their good damage makes them great for boss fights, but stages may get complicated if the player doesn't know enemy placing and stage layouts.

Blue Peace Unfocused Focused Damage
300p Narrow Homing Average

Unfocused Shot: Fires a very concentrated array of shots in the center

Focused Shot: Sends multiple orb-lile bullets that home in on all enemies on screen

Blue Peace is a fairly unique ship, dealing more damage when unfocused, and having better screen coverage while focused. Their stage performance is excellent, but their low damage when focused makes dealing with high HP enemies or bosses trickier.

Eden's Edge Unfocused Focused Damage
BWRP Eden Edge.png Line Narrow Average

Unfocused Shot: Options fire lasers that follow the movement of the ship, having multiple formations that can vary depending on how the player moves the ship.

Focused Shot: All options retract to the ship to fire a concentrated barrage.

Eden's Edge is a really un-orthodox ship, with some similarities to the Trace option found in Mushihimesama. The dynamic way the options track movement can make for makeshift screen coverage, or high damage if the player can stack them on top of each other. It heavily rewards knowledge about stage layouts to use every option formation to the fullest


Item pow.gif
Power Up
Increases your shot power (max power after the 4th item). With max power, grabbing a new one will increase score by 50.000 points
Item bomb.gif
Increases your bomb stock by 1. With all bombs stocked, grabbing a new one will increase the score by 50.000 points
Item sc1.gif
Enemies will drop these after being destroyed. Their value increases more if the ship is close to them the moment they spawn.
Gold Box
After unveiling certain parts of the stages, these will appear and keep giving the player points for as long as they are in the screen