Akuu Gallet

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Akuu Gallet

Title screen

Developer: Gazelle
Music: Yoshitatsu Sakai
Program: Mizuiro Honey
Art: Junya Inoue
Mikio Yamaguchi
Kaneyo Oohira
Release date: February 1996

Akuu Gallet (アクウギャレット, "Air Gallet") is a game developed by Gazelle and published by Banpresto in 1996.

Gameplay Overview[edit]

Killing this plane drops a bomb, starting with Energy Spark.

Bombs can be picked up and used as an extra way of dealing damage or staying safe. They are dropped from blue planes, as seen on the right. The bombs dropped by these planes will switch type every few seconds. All bombs will be changed to the type the player picks up.

If the player loses a life, bombs will be set to 3 and remain the same type. The player can hold up to 5 bombs. Picking up an extra bomb after that grants 10,000 points.

Power ups
Icon Description
Akuu-power-1p.png Can be found in stages and are dropped by most big enemies.
Akuu-power-4p.png Dropped after the player dies. Worth 4 power ups.
Akuu-power-maxp.png Dropped after the player loses a credit. Instantly brings your level up to max and fills your entire bar.
Akuu-bomb-green.png Adds a bomb and changes all your bombs to be this type, the Energy Spark.
Clears all bullets on screen and deals some damage to all enemies.
Akuu-bomb-blue.png Adds a bomb and changes all your bombs to be this type, the Thunder Drive.
Throws a big bomb ahead of the player, clearing all bullets that it touches and deals heavy damage.

Weapon system[edit]

Weapons can be picked up from weapon items that can be uncovered in the stage or sometimes dropped by large enemies. These weapons don't stack at all, so picking up a new one removes your old weapon. Picking up the same weapon as you're currently holding grants 2000 points.

Icon Type Description
Akuu-power-f.png Gatling Fire Typical spread weapon, gets increasingly wider per level.
Akuu-power-l.png Tiny Laser Shoots a laser beam forward. Gets stronger and wider per level.
Akuu-power-m.png Tracing Missiles The ship has a weak main shot (of which only 4 bursts can be on screen at once). A group of missiles launch and home in towards enemies every couple of seconds.
More missiles are added per level and Main shot also gets slightly better.
Akuu-power-s.png Hunting System Adds an option to your ship. While not shooting (or mashing) the option starts moving towards the opposite side the player is moving.
Holding down the shot button also holds the option in the current position it's in. It does not rotate faster when your level gets higher, it only does more damage.


Stage Bonus screen.

The main ways to get a high score is collecting all medals on a stage at their highest possible value and never losing a life. Medals are hidden throughout the level and when uncovered will be worth 2,000 points at first. Every few seconds the value goes from 2,000 to 500 to 100 to 10. And after another few seconds it will go up again with those same values. You can tell how much they're worth based on the sprite. Picking them up at the right time can be tricky when also avoiding enemies, so be careful.

Blue tanks.

Medals are usually hidden in certain enemies or can be uncovered by shooting buildings. Enemies like blue tanks and turrets will always contain a medal.

Medal values
Medal Value Stage Bonus
Akuu-medal-2000.png 2000 2000
Akuu-medal-500.png 500 1000
Akuu-medal-100.png 100 500
Akuu-medal-10.png 10 100

Finishing a stage will give a Stage Bonus. Each medal that was picking up during the stage has it's own value (as seen in the table above). Picking up all medals in a stage will give a PERFECT bonus, worth 100,000 points.
Note this doesn't mean that you will automatically get it if you have a 0% miss rate. Medals that are not uncovered (for example, if they were carried by an enemy) still count towards the stage total. Every bomb you have is worth 5,000 points as well.

Medal count per stage
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
30 40 50 50 50 50

After killing the final boss, the player will get a Fighter Bonus. This is (Lives remaining x 1,000,000) points.
And another Special Bonus, just for clearing the game. Worth 1,000,000 points.


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