Akai Katana

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Akai Katana
Katana Title.png

Title Screen

Developer: CAVE
Music: Ryu Umemoto
Program: Tsuneki Ikeda
Shinobu Yagawa
Daisuke Koizumi
Toshihiko Sera
Takashi Ichimura
Yuji Inoue
Art: Tachikawa Mushimaro
Takeharu Isogai
Hideki Nomura
Toshiyuki Kuroiwa
Designer: Hiroyuki Tanaka
Akira Wakabayashi
Release date: Arcade: August 13, 2010
Xbox 360: May 26, 2011 (JP)
May 15, 2012 (NA,EU)
Switch, PS4, Steam, Xbox One: December 15, 2022
Previous game: DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Black Label
Next game: DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

Akai Katana is a side scrolling shooter developed by Cave.

Console Release Notes

Xbox 360

  • Physical Release? - Yes
  • Region Locked? - Yes
  • Arranged Modes - Yes: 'Akai Katana Climax', 'Akai Katana Slash'[1]. 'Origin' and 'Slash' modes also have 'Novice' versions.
  • Online Leaderboards? - Yes
  • Tate Option? - n/a Hori
  • Original Arcade Graphics - Yes in 'Origin Mode' (and Xbox 360 can be forced to output 4:3 ratio at 480p)
  • Internal Scanlines Generator: No (T_T)
  • Graphical Filters: Smoothing On/Off
  • Training mode - Yes
  • Save States - Yes - see below:
- Turn on Replay Saving in the options
- In 'Training' mode, configure the options for the start of your chosen level (or you can record a full run outside training mode)
- Commence your run. DO NOT CONTINUE and DO NOT RESTART as this will prevent Replay saving.
- At the end of the run, save it to Replays.
- You can now watch the replay, fast forward to the part you want to practice AND TAKE OVER CONTROL at any point by pressing the 'BACK'/SELECT button.
- If you take over control and do not continue/restart, you can save this new run to a separate slot. You now have 2 saved runs that you can practice from.
  • Training Mode Configuration:
- Level Select - Yes
- Customise Resources - Yes, all.
- Save multiple sets of training configurations - Yes
- Boss Fight Select - No (but can access from Replays)
- Mid Boss Fight Select - No (but can access from Replays)
- Save Training Run Replays - Yes
  • Replay Mode - Yes (& can download high scoring replays from Leaderboards)
  • Replay Options:
- Can slow playback to 1/2 speed.
- Can take control of the ship during the replay & continue playing.