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Aka to Blue is a mobile, 8-way, vertical shmup developed by former Cave staff and other shoot-em-up veterans under the development studio Tanoshimasu. Players control their movement, shooting and bombs via touch controls, allowing for a high degree of freedom and control. Tanoshimasu would later port this game to the Exa-Arcadia as Aka to Blue Type-R.

Aka to Blue
Aka to Blue Title Screen.jpg

Title screen

Developer: Tanoshimasu
Music: WASi303
Program: Yugo Fujioka
Art: Sayu
Release date: iOS/Android: August 10 2017
Previous game: None (Tanoshimasu's First)
Next game: Aka to Blue Type-R


In Aka to Blue, your ship moves by sliding along the screen. The speed of the ship is variable (it moves as fast as you swipe)

There are two shot options:

  • Autoshot: The ship always shoots
  • Manual Shot: The ship shoots only while you are moving.

There is also a bomb:

Aka to Blue Bomb Levels.jpg

Bomb: Activated by either multitapping the screen (two fingers on screen) or double tapping (one finger tapped twice). This setting can be changed in the options menu.

  • The bomb is tied to a meter which can build up to 5 levels.
  • The bomb is available starting on level 1.
  • The higher level the bomb meter is, the bigger the bomb and further it travels.
  • Additionally, the bomb absorbs bullets. Every bullet the bomb absorbs builds the bomb meter.
  • Bombs do not grant any invincibility.
  • There can only be one bomb on screen at a time.


  1. High Score
  2. Current Score
  3. Bomb Gauge
  4. Ship Lives
  5. Player Ship
  6. Pause Button
  7. Chain Counter
  8. Chain Meter


Aka Sheenk / Firebird
Aka Sheenk: Pilots the Fire Bird. Has a wide shot, and his bomb always shoots directly up.
Blue Cerny / Blue Owl
Blue Cerny: Pilots the Blue Owl. Has a narrow shot, and has a bomb that shoots upwards, but can be aimed left or right depending on ship movement. (If moving right, the bomb shoots left. Moving left shoots the bomb right.)


The basics:

  • Aka to Blue does not have a traditional route, where all the stages are played in sequence and the score is totaled at the end. Instead, each stage is scored individually.
  • There are three main factors for scoring in Aka to Blue:
  1. Point Blanking: Destroy enemies from close range
  2. Chaining: Destroy enemies in quick succession (There's a meter which shows when the chain drops)
  3. Medals: Point medals drop from enemies when they are killed, and from strategic bomb use

Score is earned from destroying enemies as well as the point medals they drop. Medals are highly valuable. The number of medals the enemy drops increases when killed from point blank.
The other place medals can be earned is from bomb use. Enemies generate score medals when hit with the bomb. The number of medals increases with bomb charge level.
In addition, the value of the medals will decrease the longer they remain on screen, so it's best to pick them up as soon as they spawn for maximum value.


Coming soon . . .


-Before the events of the game-

One day the capital of the royal nation of Orisia is attacked by a mysterious man calling himself Kuro Guhro (クロ グウロ) with his fleet of unmanned drones, who has declared a purge of the Orisian people.

Blue Cerny (ブルー サーに) is a young female pilot in training when Kuro Guro attacked. The city was devastated and many of her friends were killed. She takes off in her 'levitation-craft' as Orisia's last line of defense. As she flew out over the sea, a purple levitation-craft 'Murasaki Edou' (ムラサキ エドウ), attacked her and she crashed into the water below.

After some time, Blue awoke far from the fight, rescued by a middle-aged red haired man. After she recovered from her injuries, she looked for a way to get back to save her home, and stumbles across an aircraft 'Blue Owl'. It was maintained by the red haired man, who tells her that it won't move unless the pilot is compatible with it. Blue touches it and Blue Owl turns on. From there, the red-haired man 'Red Sheenk' (アカ シンク) and his own aircraft 'Fire Bird' decide to go with Blue into battle to save Orisia from Kuro Guro.

The web novel ends there. Seems there was supposed to be more but it hasn't been updated.

-In game events-

coming soon . . .


  • The guitar in stage 3 and the boss music is performed by the manager of the arcade Game Center Mikado (Credited as Ikedaminorock)


See (Template Page)/Gallery for our collection of images and scans for the game.


  • Ensure that your phone/tablet is running at 60hz. If you can run at 120hz, it will run at that rate, but the game's speed will be doubled.
  • It's also possible to play Aka to Blue on PC using an android emulator (like Bluestacks). After some experimentation, I'll update this with a recommended setup.

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