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Zzzallumer logo.png
Zing Zing Zip

Developer: Allumer
Publisher: Tecmo
Music: Akira Inoue [1]
Release date: Arcade: 1992
PS4: September 6, 2023[2]
Switch: September 7, 2023[3]

Zing Zing Zip (真真急炮 / ジンジンジップ) is a vertical shoot em' up developed by Allumer and published by Tecmo in 1992 for arcades. It was later ported to the Arcade Archives series by Hamster.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The player can fire their shot, deploy bombs and perform barrel rolls. Barrel rolls are performed by first pushing left or right briefly then move to the opposite direction. Barrel rolls give i-frames, and if at low power, they temporarily enhance shot power by 1 level during the duration of the roll. If the player dies with bombs in stock, they will all be used and trigger an auto-bomb.

Zing Zing Zip has 7 stages and loops infinitely.


  • Button A: Shot
  • Button B: Bomb


Scoring consists collecting medals and trying to get excess items to increase score greatly. After losing all lives, the score will be recorded on the credit and a name must be inputted for that score.

Main shot weapons


Widespread vulcan.


Variable flame shots.


Narrow laser beam.

Sub-shot weapons


Missiles in X formation.


Homming missiles.


Narrow missiles


Medal: Awards points.
Bomb: Adds an extra bomb.
MAX power: Spawns at rare occasions. Mostly after using a continiue.
Main shot items: Spawns from most enemies. Yellow is for wide, red is for variable, and blue is for narrow laser. To increase main weapon power, one of these must be picked up while having it`s same variant corresponding to it`s color.
Sub-shot items: Spawns from most enemies. X is for X-missiles, H is for homming missiles and M for narrow missiles. To increase sub weapon power, one of these must be picked up while having it`s same variant corresponding to it`s color.
1UP: Awards extend.


Rank is not well understood in this game, but it seems to exist. It mostly manipulates agressiveness of enemy fire and possibly the suicide bullets frequency.

Voice lines

The game is also notable for having whacky voicelines during gameplay.

  • Let`s go! (Spawn)
  • Oh yeah! (Weapon item pickup)
  • Yahoo! Hey, hey, hey! HEY! (Barrel rolls)
  • Jellybean! (Bomb pickup)
  • Come on, jellybean! (Bomb deploy)
  • Oh my god! (Death. It`s high pitched at continiue countdown)
  • Whoopie! (Boss encounter)
  • Time to fever! (Boss defeated)

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