Wing Force

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Developer: Atlus
Release date: 1993 (Prototype)

Wing Force is a cancelled shmup by Atlus that had a prototype released in 1993, which was later discovered by someone who was able to find the last PCB of the game to dump it and make the game playable on MAME. The dumped rom appears to be a prototype version. The game`s prototype has 5 stages in 2 loops.

Gameplay Overview

Similar to Raiden, the player can fire the main shot and a bomb, which has an adjustable distance. When picking up weapon variant items, the player is granted an armor that can take one hit. If the player is hit armorless, a life will be lost.


  • A: Shot
  • B: Bomb


Scoring consists of destroying enemies and collecting medals. After clearing a stage, the collected medals will create a bonus and add it to the player`s score.

Weapon armors

  • G (Widespread):
Can fire a spread of wide shots.
  • L (Laser):
Fires a stream of forward laser beams.

  • M (Missiles):
Fires a series of missiles.

  • W (Wave):
Fires wave shaped shots.


Power-up item: Increases shot power.
Bomb item: Grants an extra bomb.
Medal: Grants points.
1UP: Grants an extra life. Obtained by destroying the craw with a nuke in stage 2 before it drops it. Once the craw is destroyed with the nuke, a demon will appear. Killing the demon will release the 1UP item. (Works on 1st loop and 2nd loop).
Secret bonus: Grants 300 pts. for each hit. It is hidden in many locations of the 5 stages.


  • The gameplay is pretty similar to Raiden.

Replay Index

Replays from players
Player Area Score Auto-fire Link Date
Jaimers 2-ALL 7021100 Off YouTube 2016 January 10th