Ultimate Fatal Octopus

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Developer: SlimeSmile
Release date: April 30 2024

Ultimate Fatal Octopus (东方希莲船) is a Touhou Project fangame, developed by the doujin dev team SlimeSmile and released in April 30 2024. It was developed in Unity, just like Abyss Soul Lotus did.

Similar to Rainbow Cave Raid, it has only one stage, and has a long boss fight.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.


Like the official games, uses the standard Touhou control scheme.

  • Z: Shoot
  • X: Bomb
  • Shift: Focus

On keyboard, movement can be done using either the arrow keys or the number pad.

Gameplay Overview

The game mainly borrows the UFO system from Undefined Fantastic Object, where in this case, if you collect 3 pink UFO items, a big pink UFO can be summoned, which can attract items and if it reaches full item capacity, a bomb piece and heart piece will be awarded.


Like some other Touhou shmups, collecting cancel items will increase the value of point items.

After finishing the game, the game will also give bonuses for remaining lives (40,000,00pts. for each one) and bombs (10,000,000pts. for each one). These bonuses are also multiplied depending on the game difficulty.

Playable Characters and Shot Types

The game has 2 playable characters, with 2 shot types for each one.

Reimu Hakurei

Hakurei Reimu A B
UltimateFatalOctopus Reimu Portrait.png
Shot: Homing Amulet
Bomb: Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal"
Shot: Persuasion Needle
Bomb: Dream Sign "Evil sealing circle"
Description: Reimu[A] is a homing shot, which performs well but is disadvantaged compared to Reimu[B]. Her bomb throws energy balls towards enemies. Description: Reimu[B] is a direct attacking type, and requires more stage routing than other shot types but performs well due to its high damage output. Her bomb summons walls of energy.
  • ???


  • ???
  • ???


  • ???

Marisa Kirisame

Kirisame Marisa A B
UltimateFatalOctopus Marisa Portrait.png
Shot: Illusion laser
Bomb: Love sign "Master Spark"
Shot: Magic missile
Bomb: Magic sign "Stellar storm"
Description: Marisa[A] has penetrating laser beams. Her bomb fires a powerful megalaser. Description: Marisa[B] is a forward focus shot with magic explosive missiles. Her bomb summons a big stellar storm that covers the whole screen.
  • ???


  • ???
  • ???


  • ???


Power item: Increases the shot power.
Point item: Increases score. It`s score variates on it`s value.
Cancel item: Appears from cancelled bullets, and they`re collected automatically. They increase the value of point items
Bomb part: Adds and extra bomb part. 5 must be collected for extra bomb.
Heart part: Adds and extra heart part. 5 must be collected for an extend.
Pink UFO item: Appears from certain enemies. Collecting 3 will summon a big pink UFO
1UP: Grants an extra life.


  • Highly inspired in Rainbow Cave Raid and Undefined Fantastic Object.
  • The boss Syrena is also a Vtuber.

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