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[[Category:Independent/Doujin shooting games]]
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Developer: nizakashii
Release date: 2022

Tukiyono (月夜野) is a shmup by nizakashii released in 2022. The game is playable in the browser of itch.io or it can be downloaded if playing it with a controller.

Before starting the game, the player can set the amount of lives from 3 to 8.

The game consists of 5 stages.

There`s two endings that differ wether the player defeats the black carrier enemy or not.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The game has normal shot and focus shot. Normal shot is where options are in a trace formation, while Focus shot makes the option aim in front of the character.

The main mechanic of the game is absorbing, in which the more bullets are absorbed, the bigger the charge shot will be. Killing enemies and bullets with it will generate diamond items.

If the player clears a stage with no excess lives. The standard stock is restored. If the player clears a stage with excess lives, the stock won`t be reset.


  • Z key/A button: Shot
  • X key/X button: Absorb
  • C key/RT button: Full-auto shot



The HUD info:

  1. Lives: The pink hearts are the standard lives stock. Yellow hearts are the excess lives.
  2. Absorb gauge: Represents the remaining absorb energy left.
  3. Score: The amount of score
  4. Diamond count: Represents the amount of diamonds.
  5. Boss life gauge and HP value: Displays the boss`s life gauge and HP value. It is displayed on the upper left and lower right sides of the game field.
  6. Dialouge: The dialouge that happens during bosses.

HUD image provided by JSAV2006STG(ABC).


Scoring consists of killing enemies, destroying them and cancelling bullets for diamonds, which grant more score.


First extend is only 500 gems, and after that, extends will be granted every 1000 diamons collected.


Absorb recharge: Spawns when killing enemies with the main shot. Recharges the absorb gauge
Diamond: Increases the diamond counter and grants extra score.


  • The absorb mechanic is inspired in GigaWing, Mars Matrix, RefleX and Samidare.
  • The black carrier enemy and the 2 endings are inspired in Dreamer09 from Radirgy Noa.

References & Contributors


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