True Last Boss

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Many shooting games include a "True Last Boss (TLB)," a hidden boss that only appears to professional players. Reaching the TLB of a game often requires meeting a series of requirements, such as achieving a "no miss-no bomb (NMNB)" run, reaching a certain score threshold, destroying certain objects, entering a certain "path", playing a harder mode or other objectives that can range from the obvious to the esoteric.

In most bullet hell shmups, TLBs tend to have a bomber-proof shield, either for last phase or for the entire fight. One of these examples are Evaccanneer DOOM (Ketsui) which uses his bomber-proof shield for last phase, and Hibachi (DoDonPachi) who uses it`s bomber-proof shield it`s the entire fight.

In some shmups, getting a 1cc requires a TLB to be defeated as well, like for example Kaikan, Crimzon Clover, etc.

Games that feature a True Last Boss / TLB

For a list of games that include a True Last Boss / TLB, see the category link below with the same name.