Thunder Force III

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Thunder Force III, released in 1990, is the first original game Technosoft developed for the Mega Drive.

Thunder Force III
Thunder Force III Title Screen.png

Title screen

Developer: Technosoft
Music: Person A
Program: Person B
Art: Person C
Release date: Release Date
Previous game: Thunder Force II
Next game: Thunder Force IV

Gameplay Overview

Thunderforce is a traditional shmup with a focus on memorization for survival. It is considered a relatively easy game to 1CC.


Mega Drive Contoller Illustration.png
  • A: Change Movement Speed
  • B: Fire
  • C: Change Weapon

Unlockable Secrets

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Characters / Ships / Styles

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All weapons that have been collected remain available to be switched to with the C button, unless they are lost by dying.

The ship starts with two weapons:

Name Image/Description Notes
Twin-Shot Example
Backfire Example

Additional weapons are added by collecting weapon items. On death, if any of these weapons is currently equipped, it is lose.

Name Image/Description Notes
Sever Example Upgrade to Twin-Shot
Lancer Example Upgrade to Backfire
Wave Example
Fire Example
Hunter Example

The claw item will increase the fire power of whichever weapon is equipped.


Name Image Description
Weapons Example Example
Shield Example Example
Claw Example Example
1-UP Example Example

Extra Lives


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The stage select screen

The player can choose which stage to start on. The stages the proceed in a clockwise order around the stage select screen.

  • Hydra
  • Gorgon
  • Seiren
  • Haides
  • Ellis

When all five initial stages are complete, the player proceeds to the final stages in the following order:

  • Cerberus
  • Orn Base


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Development History

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Version Differences

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